Parliament - The Medicaid Fraud Dogg Presents 3GP Bangers

Continuing the discussion from New George Clinton/3GP interview!:

Yeah it’s the bonus track from MFD. I think it’s also on the US release of MFD, right? I only have the P-Vine release…

Did some more digging around and it’s like a sampler of MFD, reminds me of the Shake The Gate 12”. Apparently planned for RSD 2020, but got delayed because of Corona (according to GC). I suppose they wanted it to come out around the same time as the Mama Told Me video.

Here’s the tracklist.

A1 Mama Told Me (Clean Video Edit)
A2 Backwoods
A3 Psychotropic

B1 First Yo Gotta Shake The Gate Meledy (Live)

Not the tracks that I would’ve choosen from MFD, but I suppose it makes sense since they wanted to highlight 3GP. There’s some info about it over at Rough Trade. ”Etched in artwork” sounds nice.


I have the P-Vine version so it’s on mine, but I’m pretty sure it’s not on the US version