New George Clinton/3GP interview!

Sounds like there is a new album on the way

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I wonder their version of “Quickie” they rolled out at the beginning of the pandemic will be on there. He kept talking about a “Reaching For Litness” album, maybe that is this. Hopefully something will come out before the end of the decade. Ok, ok, let me peep it.

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Haha was just about to post about this. Just an FYI, they didn’t discuss anything particularly new/interesting about the new 3GP album, or what-have-you. George said it’d be out “soon” so of course, that means close to nothing haha. Was fun to hear from the Doctor nonetheless

Thanks for sharing!

Ha ha, yeah exactly :rofl:. But that upcoming vinyl release sounds interesting.

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So is it just gonna be the bonus track that was included on the P-Vine MFD release? He called it “Shake the Gate medley” if I’m not mistaken, which is what the track on MFD is called. That’s kind of what it sounded like to me but it also seems kind of odd that they would release a 13 minute record but maybe it’s just more of a single type thang