New Parliament Video Mama Told Me

So, how do y’all like this? I must say I wasn’t feeling the track at first. Then someone told me to pay close attention to what Lige and Byrd were doing with the track. Whoa. It’s become one of my faves off the MFD album and a highlight of the live set. Although, I could do without all the “N” word references.

I’ll also admit, if this came out on another artist I would not have paid it any attention. But as always, I respect what The Dr is doing to stay current, he knows what he is doing.

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Yeah, that wasn’t my favorite track on the album. But it’s still always nice to get a new music video from the P! And if it reaches new people/fans, I suppose it’s all good.

The music would’ve fit in great on a new Funkadelic album :slight_smile:

Seems like a commercial play, but one that’s out of sorts with current trends. There are better songs on the album, so it says something that this was chosen as the second single. Also interesting: look how little time Clinton gets in the video. Makes me think about his statements about P-Funk going on without him.