Parliament-Funkadelic Live 1976-1993 (4CD)

I think we should move the Tramps show uploads back to the original thread here: (Live at Tramps NY 1994 and 1995)

Sorry, I should have posted my Tramps request to the original thread and not here.
I have since found a Tramps 94 soundboard which may be/not be different from the WV version in the Tramps thread. Anyways, I’ll post the info there.
Many thanks for all the responses here and @Defeet for the 95 show.

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Moved it. :+1:t4:

I have all 3 of course. :grinning:


This gets filed under “I have too much crap”. I was searching for another title on my external drives when I came across a lossless UK - Sequel version of Live 1976-93 with artwork. I didn’t remember that I had this. Downloaded it in 2014. I didn’t think I had a lossless version so I purchased the cds recently and uploaded them. Anyway, my cds didn’t have the booklet and here it is.

Hi there. Just coming across this… also wondering if these recordings could be posted again? The 2 shows and then the UK and JP versions of 1972-1993 if anybody has…

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New here also. Would be grateful if I could get these too!

Yes of course. Welcome!

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That’s the version that I have too, except it’s on cassette. I thought I had it on CD, but I got it mixed up with ‘Funk Um Agin…For The First Time’.

Hi there, I just joined the site so missed the boat on the previous links. I’m looking for the JP version of the 76-93 set. I currently have the US and UK in lossless. They all seem bit difficult to track down now so was thinking of collating everything in one big bundle and seed it for a bit

Any help with the Japanese records would be appreciated. Even more so if it/s lossless

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Hi everyone,

Can I have those amazing song please ?

Thanks !

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Starting in October 1993, the P-Funk organization released four CD sets in the U.S., Japan, and the UK in 1994. These recordings cover the years 1972 to 1993. It was through these sets that the 1972 Sugar Shack recordings were officially released. These releases were designed to present a complete show of one particular gig. This objective was made (somewhat), but in many cases these sets mainly carry fractions of performances. A 1997 release, Live and Kickin’, also features many of the performances from the 4 CD sets.

To be clear, I have all 3 sets and they’re all fascinating in their own way. The UK set features a fold out time of P-Funk that originated in the Peter Jebsen’s New Funk Times.
The Japanese set features a 1993 calendar with all of the birthdays of P-Funk members marked off.


Parliament - Funkadelic – Live 1976-93 (1993, CD) - Discogs
Make sure that the calendar comes with it.


What really needs to released is the full San Diego Arena January 23, 1977 show that they teased us with in these box sets.

Drives me crazy that it was never put out.


I would certainly be all in for that. Would also love to see a deluxe expanded edition of “P-Funk Earth Tour” with the L.A. Forum and Oakland Coliseum shows remixed in their entirety, in show sequence without all of the overdubs!


Agreed all of that would be amazing.


I know I am like 4 years late but could you share these files once again? Thanks in advance!

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That was my first P Funk concert.

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