Parliament-Funkadelic Live 1976-1993 (4CD)

I’ve got the UK version of this but not the others. How many are aware that the three versions are quite different? Not only are there songs on each one that aren’t found on the others, but also in many cases where it looks like the same song is on multiple releases, it’s actually two different performances.

The guy at this site: (who is a fine motherfunker indeed) has laid it out for us quite comprehensively.

Considering how hard to come by this is (well it’s not hard, anyone can go to discogs and click a few times and order it, but it’s hard to come by CHEAPLY), I was wondering if anyone was interested in swapping copies. I can’t imagine buying a 4CD set two more times at a cost of over US$200 just to get about 25 exclusive tracks, but I’d take the time to rip my UK version if someone else would do the same with their US or Japan version.

I’m assuming this is ok considering these are all long out of print and the band can’t benefit from any “legit” sales of these CDs. If not, please accept my apologies and delete.

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Yeah these live box sets are great. But I only got the UK one as well.

I remember getting it, it was almost to much live p to handle :slight_smile:

Yeah…UK only also, I borrowed the jap one when I compiled the gigs down onto cassettes, way back! some amazing stuff and really well produced even has bootleg tracks, but the differences aren’t really enough to get other issues, unlesss they’re cheap!

The motherpage has Atomic Dog on disc 3 as coming from Beverly Theater in 1983:

But it seems to be a way different recording from the version on the Beverly Theater album. And they only played one show there in 1983. Anyone know where it actually came from?

I’ve got mp3s of the US and European versions, and have been scouring the internet from time to time for literally years for a rip of the Japanese version, with no luck. I really want to get the Japanese one, so I can put them all together into one “release”, and delete the duplicated tracks. I’d almost buy the damn thing and rip it myself and re-sell it, if I could find it for a decent price – but the cheapest one on discogs right now is $120. Even if I wanted to, I just can’t afford to spend that kind of money at the moment.

If anyone has the Japanese version, please share it with the rest of us! :pray: :slightly_smiling_face:


I feel the same way as you… I’d buy the Japanese version for sure, but it’s hella expensive. And there’s no guarantee I’d get anything close to what I spent on it.

But hey, if you have the mp3s of the USA version, please share them because no one else who’s posted in this thread has those songs!

Yeah that’s a lot of money. I wonder if they can be found at second-hand stores in Japan? If we only had a funkateer from Japan here, that would be great!

btw welcome to the site @JoseGulpa!

I found a link for the US version that someone else has already uploaded (that’s assuming, of course, that it’s the correct version, and not corrupted or anything):

get it here

As of the time I’m writing this, the link is still active. The front and back cover artwork for the US version was posted with the link, so I assume that’s what’s uploaded. If it’s not and is actually the European set, or you can’t get it to download, or there’s some other problem, just comment back and I’ll try to upload mine sometime (but don’t expect lossless or anything – mine is 192 kbps…)


Awesome, thanks. I’ll report back once I’ve checked it out. As a free download, it’s deliberately slowed down… it’ll be about 4-5 hours before I have it.

I’ve downloaded it and it shows up on my PC as 674 MB, yet it won’t open. “The archive is invalid or unsupported”.

never mind… I’ve been using winrar over winzip for a good 15 years now and it never failed me… but today it did. Winzip worked. It’s the US version and it’s ripped to 320.

Super happy to have the exclusive tracks from this one, but the real holy grail is the japanese version!

Children of Production, Atomic Dog, Funk Getting Ready to Roll / I Got a Thing, Hit it Or Quit It, Gamin’ On Ya, Why Should I Dog U Out, Babblin’ Kababbie,

…are listed on the motherpage as being unique versions on the US and UK versions, but they are not.

Put Your Hands Together is also listed as “(U, E?)”, and I can confirm it’s the same version as well.

My final tally says that 1:42 of music on the US version is not on the UK version that we all seem to have.
0102 Cosmic Clop
0103 Give up the Funk/May we Funk You
0104 Red Hot Mama
0105 Into You
0201 Maggot Brain
0202 One Nation Under a Groove
0203 Mothership Connection (Star Child)
0304 Flash Light
0404 I Call My Baby Pussy
0407 First Things First
0408 Southwick

Just posting this here for future generations, so we can make an informed decision on whether it’s worth buying another version for the unique performances. Before those 7 songs were exposed as being identical (not sure how the guys at the motherpage missed this) I’d have probably bought the US version, now I’m not so sure.

I wonder how many on the Japanese version are mislabeled as well…

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I actually came across the Japan version once. I can’t even remember where. A record store somewhere. But it was around the time it was readily available in the mid-90’s. Regret it to this day I did not pick it up. My conscience wouldn’t let me pay 100$ for it at the time. Regrets regrets. I’ve got the US and UK. Thankful someone burned the additional tracks for me off the Japan version.
What is striking about these is there is no soundboard stuff from the Aqua Boogie tour. I wish someone would track down some soundboard audio from the Gloryhallastoopid Tour too. I know for a fact there is a video of it.

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Wait wait wait… so you have the additional tracks from the Japan version?

Yes this was years ago. From my recollection, if you have the Japan disc, you got the extra tracks from the Flashlight Tour stuff that was on the other two versions. Cosmic Slop was on the J version I know. I have to check the cassette to see what else is on it.

OK I’m back. From what I gather it’s basically the rest of the Flashlight gig recorded at Hampton VA in the spring of 1978. A friend of mine has the Japan version and put it on a cassette. What I have labeled on the cassette is
Cosmic Slop
Maggot Brain
Bop Gun
Mothership Connection
Tear The Roof Off The Sucker
Night Of the Thumpasaurus

Even though I think Bop Gun, Flashlight, Funkentelechy and Starchild was on the other versions. Funkentelechy is not on the Japan version but is from the same concert. Cosmic Slop, Maggot Brain and Give Up The Funk is exclusive to the Japan version. It has been many years since I looked at any of it. The cassette I have also has some Funkadelic tracks from the Sugar Shack '72 but I don’t know what until I listen to it later.

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You do know the Beverly Theatre '83 was a 3 night stand right?


No I didn’t. That would explain why it’s two different atomic dog performances though!

Oh, ok. So you don’t have them in some digital, easily transferable format then. No worries .

Yup it was 3 nights. Somebody put at least 1 of the other 2 nights up some years ago somewhere I can’t remember where. Everybody kept saying the one that got released was the best night of the 3. I have a way to burn the cassette to a disc but it may take some time but I can do it. I played some of it and it still got good quality sound on it.
Back in my “completist” days I was trying to grab as much of the stuff as possible. Not so much nowadays.

:point_up:t3:Come to think of it the only digital tracks tracks I ripped to my hard drive were my faves the “sugar shack” tracks, everything else I just compiled to cassettes uk/jap copies… Wow!!! cassette was a good few years ago now!!!