Live at Tramps NY 1994 and 1995

I wouldn’t mind grabbing the 1995 show from you if possible. I found the 1994 ones on soulseek.

Yeah, that Meadowbrook show is amazing!

Check my slsk, got the 1995 show there. 1995-10-31 tramps, new york.

Didn’t know they ever been sold officially. Interesting. Or was it perhaps as boots? Do you have links to old sites that sold them, or any other info?

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Thank you pfunkee. Downloading now. My god, just looking at the track list, what an epic show. I mean yeah, there’s some dated early 90s stuff in there that hasn’t aged all that well, and some more classics in their place would have been even better, but just the sheer immensity of this show has to be respected.

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Hey funky friends @silentboatman @Seventieslord @WizardofFinance :slight_smile:

Here’s a link to both shows:

They’re also shared on Soulseek as well as the rest of my collection :slight_smile:

As for when and where they were sold, it was on Wolfgandsvault itself. The site is a legit American company with a complicated legal history, selling/streaming private recordings from concert venues owners and by some legal miracle (I don’t know which loophole they could possibly find) winning every attempt at shutting them down by labels and artists, US courts basically saying that for as long as they paid royalties, they could go on. There are some articles about these lawsuits online that are easily googled.

For some time, a few years ago, they also offered some shows for sale. Their website then said in the FAQ that the reason why some shows were for sale and others weren’t was because they had to settle special deals and get authorization from the artists/labels to sell them and not just stream them. I honestly have no idea why some shows by a similar artist were available for sale and others weren’t, but back then I bought everything I could from the artists I really liked, including those 2 P-Funk shows. I also have no idea why eventually the purchasing option was cancelled and the site became a streaming only thing.

So technically, everything that was once sold there can be considered an official release, since it’s a legit US company.

A very strange case is Prince, who was notoriously litigious but, as far as I know, didn’t even try to take legal action (probably because other big names had tried and failed before him), yet his 2 Warner Bros era shows were never offered for sale (I know from a good source that WB has a stake in any live recording made while P was under contract), while his 1998 Tramps show (when he was free of any label) was, suggesting he chose to strike a deal and cash in as much as he could from Wolfgangsvault, for lack of being able to stop them from using his music. But I honestly have no clue what went on behind the scenes, it’s just an educated guess.


These Tramps shows are excellent. Especially the halloween 1995 show. Just a really good time for the funk mob - perhaps a perfect moment: Most original members still alive, P-funk had seen a resurgence in popularity thanks to sampling, hip hop influences had been infused but not excessively, the mob had a very extensive back catalog to pull from (but not TOO long with newer stuff weighing/watering it down), Dope Dogs had just come out (perhaps the last truly great p-funk album), and everyone was young and energetic enough to pull off marathon shows. I feel like that 1995 show was the culmination of all that. Just epic.


Want to jump in and also state my astonishment at how good these Tramps shows are. I’ll be listening to these nonstop for weeks! Thanks for sharing!


Managed to find the 1995 Tramps soundboard show and it is killer! Four plus hours of pure funk fire. I only wish I’d witnessed them live around this time period, as I first saw George at the IndigoO2, London, with a scaled-down band for a relatively brief performance in what I think was 2007, followed by a ‘Shake the Gate’ gig, again in London in 2015. Both excellent, but not the heady, intense and seamless heights captured here.

Thanks to you all for recommending these gigs. Hoping to locate the 94 soundboard next.

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Sorry for this extended verbage.

I erred and requested a re-up of the Tramps shows on the Live 1976-93 thread and the 95 show was reposted there. Thanks goes to @defeet for the 95 re-up. I’m hoping this will bring the Tramps uploads back here where it belongs. Anyways I was contacted by another member who may be able upload both shows but it may be just a while longer, so patience please.

I was searching thru my stuff for another show and found a Tramps 94 sbd which I assume is a different source than the WV version. I don’t want to “pollute the waters” with another version, so I’ll wait a little while until someone responds that has more definitive info. Here is the info file:

George Clinton & the P-Funk Allstars
Tramps, NYC

source: sbd
Jerry Moore’s dat clone
lineage: sbd > dat master > dat clone
transferred by Rob Berger,
tracked, seeded by georgeforman april 1 2012

01 P-Funk(wants to get funked up)
02 Whatever It Takes, Whatever The Party Calls For
03 Rhythm & Rhyme
04 Alice In My Fantasies
05 Cosmic Slop
06 Standing On The Verge(Of Getting It On)
08 Take Your Dead As Home
10 Give Up The Funk ~ Tear The Roof Off The Sucker
11 Night Of The Thumpasorous Peoples

01 Dope Dog
02 Maggot Brain
04 Knee Deep
05 Sentimental Journey
06 Freak Of The Week
08 Aqua Boogie
09 Psycho Alpha Disco Beta Bio Aqua Do Loop
10 Funkintelegy
11 Atomic Dog
12 Rhyme & Rhyme - Louie “Babbling” Kabbabie
13 - Louie “Babbling” Kabbabie
14 Flashlight
15 Yank My Doodle
16 Mothership Connection
17 Swing Down Sweet Chariot
18 Martial Law

Thanks for the heads up

Moving my post here

Bootsy Collins Tramps (New York, NY) SEP 28, 1994

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Here is the 95 Tramps show for those who want it
I have a lot of Pfunk stuff some quite rare (i Think) although what’s rare to some may not be rare to others, So if I see any requests for items I have i will upload.


Thank you!

Here’s the link to the 1994 show. But it’s dated to April 5, 1994, so hopefully it’s another show than the one you got.

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Thanks Silentboatman!

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Thanks @silentboatman for the 94 show. Much quicker than I expected. Give me a day to check it against the show I have since the dates are different. But I will upload mine either way since it is in flac lossless.

This show is different from the WV version. This is the next day April 6, 1994 show. So here you go.

Link is good for a week.
I don’t remember where I got this, but any thanks go to the original taper and those mentioned in the info file.


Sick! I don’t think i ever knew this existed, thank you!

Wolfgang’s better not be selling my 04/04/1994 Tramps show. How in the hell are they able to sell the other ones in the 1st place? They were recorded with permission from GC and Bob Bishop and for trading/sharing purposes only really.

Damn…just saw this @Nomas; any chance you can upload it again please?

@Defeet any chance you have The Rubber Band live in Oklahoma? I had a line on a copy by mail a few weeks ago & it fell through