Parliament-Funkadelic Live 1976-1993 (4CD)

Hey :slight_smile: Late to the party too I fear. I have the US and EU versions, but could never put my hands on the Jap version. If anyone was kind enough to share a copy (of the whole thing rather than just the exclusive tracks), I’d be eternelly grateful <3

I’ll get back to you in a week when I’m back home. :+1:t4:

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@silentboatman Thank you so much :heart_eyes: :slight_smile:

I too will be waiting for the PVine version. I have the EU version, but it is mp3. If anyone can provide the EU version in lossless, I would appreciate it. I can upload the US version if there is any interest, but it seems everyone may already have it. TIA

Welcome @Nomas! I think the one I got is mp3 as well.

I’m just becoming aware of these sets today after binging on all the sugar shack shows I could find for the past week. If I could get ahold of any version, even the US one, I’d be extremely grateful. Thanks; funk is it’s own reward🤘🏽

Got you covered. Welcome to the forum!


Anybody have any other recommendations that I should be on the lookout for, or that you don’t mind sharing?

I grew up on the P; my dad used to play it all the time when I was a kid and has had a spot in my rotation ever since. I saw them twice here in my hometown in 2018 and have tickets to see them again in Detroit, but it has already been rescheduled twice so I’m beginning to think it may not happen​:frowning::-1:t4:

I’ve been scouring the web for the past couple months for any live 70’s & early 80’s PFunk I can get my hands on. Much props & respect to @silentboatman for hooking me up so far! Keep on funkin friends!:metal:t4:


@WizardofFinance The Live, Meadowbrook, Rochester, Michigan, 12th September 1971 show is a priceless documentation of early Funkadelic IMHO. Sadly, it appears to be the only show recorded from that era, but it sounds gorgeous for something recorded live in the early 70’s.

The two Tramps, NY shows from 1994 and 1995 that were once sold (and are now available for streaming only) on WolfgangsVault are the best documentation of what a full P-funk marathon could be in the mid-90’s, clocking at over 3 hours and nearly 5 hours respectively. I was lucky enough to attend similar shows in France those 2 years and those recordings are the closest thing I could find to reliving the experience. I was quick enough to purchase them before they were withdrawn from sale, if anyone needs them. Unfortunately WolfgangsVault are highly incompetent so there are microcuts between tracks, that I haven’t gotten around cleaning-up on Audacity.

The links:

There are other shows, including another one at Tramps that, strangely enough, wasn’t offered for purchase back then.


Thanks @lotusflow3r ! I’ve jammed to the Rochester show many times, but am not familiar with these other shows you mentioned. Thanks for the links; I’ll be checking them out today🤘🏽

@WizardofFinance anytime :slight_smile: Lemme know if you need the files :slight_smile:

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I’ll take the files whenever you have time, if you don’t mind please🤘🏽

Hi new folks, I’m the original source of the Japanese version that’s been circulating. Life has kept me staggeringly busy the past months, sorry for my silence and not responding to the requests. Big thanks to @Seventieslord and @silentboatman for stepping up and getting it out. I trust everyone who wanted it now has it? Also, thanks to @lotusflow3r for the Tramps shows.


Thanks so much @lotusflow3r I will be cranking these tomorrow to get me through my workday🤘🏽

And thank you also, @Stonedar I’ve only made it through the first 2 discs of the Japanese set so far but I love what I’ve heard—-thanks for getting it circulating🤘🏽


I received the Japanese version here earlier this year, and wanted to reciprocate by upping the UK Sequel version now. I had it in mp3, but have been searching for a lossless version. I finally found the actual discs and would like to share it here. Its lossless and in FLAC. Artwork included. Enjoy!

P.S. - If anyone can kindly re-up the Tramps 1994/95 shows on the other thread, I’d appreciate it. I found this forum way late to dl it. TIA.


These are great shows! My copy of the bootsy show seems to be only on one chamel or missing a feed. Is this true for you?

Wow, i got here just in time for this. Lol

I too need a new dl for the tramps shows as they were only on my phone that was just stolen from me. Here is bootsy

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