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I was thinking that it would be good to have a place with every p-funk book listed, so I put together the list below. I got the idea after I did the post about posters. I didn’t include books about funk in general, only P-Funk specific ones.

My favorites are Aron & Marcel’s book, #1 Bimini Road, the oral history, the Wax poetics issue and Clinton’s own biography. Yeah that’s almost all of them :grin: . Amazing books :star_struck: .


Brothas Be, Yo Like George, Ain’t That Funkin’ Kinda Hard On You?

Year: 2014
Author/Editor: George Clinton, Ben Greenman

George Clinton and P-Funk

Year: 2013
Author/Editor: Arno Konings, Marcel Visser

#1 Bimini Road

Year: 1996
Author/Editor: Diem Jones

George Clinton and P-Funk: An Oral History (For the Record)

Year: 1998
Author/Editor: David Mills, Larry Alexander, Thomas Stanley, Aris Wilson, Dave Marsh

George Clinton & The Cosmic Odyssey Of The P-Funk Empire

Year: 2014
Author/Editor: Kris Needs

Wax Poetics - Issue 18

Ok this is a magazine and not a book :grin: . But definitely a must-have.

Year: 2006

Multifarious Funk: The Evolution and Biography of George Clinton and The Parliament-Funkadelic Empire

Year: 2017
Author/Editor: Sabrina Marie, Tony Rose

The Best of George Clinton (Masters of Funk Series)

This is a songbook for piano/vocal/guitar.

Year: 1998
Author/Editor: Dave Edwards


George Clinton (Parliament/Funkadelic) Changed Our Lives

Year: 2021
Author/Editor: Miguel A. Sutil, Marcelo Chaparro

Bootsy Collins Legendary Licks

This is a book with bass instructions.

Year: 2011
Author/Editor: Karl Kaminski

The Funk Queen: An Autobiography

Year: 2023
Author/Editor: Dawn Silva

The Authorized P-Funk Song Reference: Official Canon of Parliament-Funkadelic, 1956-2023

Year: 2023
Author/Editor: Daniel Bedrosian

These books never got released (not yet anyways).

Where’d You Get That Funk From?

Year: 2006-2008
Author/Editor: Lloyd Bradley

Funkadelic’s Maggot Brain (33 1/3)

Year: 2009-2016
Author/Editor: Matt Rogers


Here are books in other languages than English. There’s also the book George Clinton Changed Our Lives above that’s written in both Spanish and English.


Year: 2011
Author/Editor: Yoriko Kawachi
Language: Japanese

P-Funk - L’odyssée de George Clinton

Year: 2023
Author/Editor: Real Muzul
Language: French

For completeness, here are also two translations of Clinton’s memoir.


Year: 2016
Translator: Motoko Oshino
Language: Japanese

La mia vita funkadelica

Year: 2016
Translator: Michele Piumini
Language: Italian

There was a series of mini paperbacks that came out about 15 years ago that were sold in HMV (uk) records, I read the ones about Sly & The Family Stone, Steely Dan And P-Funk they were really good lots of new interviews and quite a bit of juicy gossip. Sorry I don’t remember the titles as I read my friends copies.

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Can anyone confirm if the Lloyd Bradley book ever actually appeared before the public? This book is a total mystery to me. It was one of the first books to be advertised yet I’ve never actually seen a copy of it materialized.

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The late, great David Mills put together these Oral Histories collection yes I enjoyed them too.

I asked Lloyd last year and he said he was looking to complete it in 2019. Hopefully we’ll see it published soon.

Welcome to the forum @OooBooBeeDoop!

Great. I ran outta gas waiting for the “She-Funk” book, that was promised 20 some years ago lol.

Findagroov™ Reviews The Songs Of… George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic

Year: 2019
Author/Editor: Tony Madison II

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Wow, thanks for this! So far I only glanced through the unofficial discography category. Looking good!

Would love to have a physical copy as well :wink:

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Thanks for checking it out, silentboatman - glad you like it :smiley:. At this time, I only have it on Kindle - just getting my feet wet as an author. Hopefully, I will get to do the paperback route the next time.

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There’s a book about the creations of Larry Legaspi out. He outfitted The Mob. He made those dog shoes The Dr had in the early 80s. I’m not sure how many P pics are in there but there’s bound to be something. There is some Labelle & KISS pics in it.

That’s interesting! Is it this book perhaps?

There are several books with chapters (or part of) dedicated to the p, maybe we should make another topic about those books (since this topic was meant more for books purely about pfunk).

Yes that’s it. I put it on hold at the local library.

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Thanks for putting our book up on this page

George Clinton and P-Funk

Year: 2013
Author/Editor: Arno Konings, Marcel Visser

books have been sold out loooong time ago…maybe its time for a 2.0 edition


I have no clue how many times that I’ve read that Oral Histories book. I bought that book the summer of 2001 at some local bookstore. The guy was cool enough to order it for me.