Take Funk To Heaven bootleg

Yes this book is causing me to delve into a lot of supplemental tracks The Dr did with other artists. I am also curious about this vinyl only album you keep mentioning called Take Funk To Heaven from 1980. What exactly is this?

Take Funk To Heaven was an obscure, unofficial, non-canon Parliament album released in 1980 which contained many of the songs that would later appear on the 1992 George Clinton Family Series album Go Fer Yer Funk.

That album looks like a more recent bootleg issue to me also it’s kinda plentiful and cheap on Discogs too. “1980” Nah!

I also thought it was a more recent boot.

Other boots that looks pretty similar are the ones from The Funk Record Co.

I dunno. I suppose it could have really come out in 1980. If it did, I certainly would not have known about it or how to access it from Italy back in those days.

Well it’s very cheap and all the copies on discogs are in mint unplayed condition, If it’s not a fake “fake” it’s definitely the ‘P’ bairgain bootleg of da century!

I eventually got this boot. The runout got the info L-46141 / L-46141-X, which indicates that the stampers were made by Greg Lee Processing around 1996. That’s the same place the stampers for the Live 83 boot were made. A California based plating plant. I also talked to the matrix pros over at discogs and they agreed that it’s made in the US 1996.

Besides being a bootleg and having some misleading year and country info, it’s a pretty solid selection of tracks. Although there’s a bunch of other tracks from the family series that’s equally great. But still, a great little comp. It also got an insert printed on recycled type of paper.

Nice score!

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