Concert Posters

Here’s a collection of some fine P-Funk posters (as well as ads and handbills). It’s not a collection of every poster ever made, but more like a selection of the finest/coolest ones.

If you have posters that you like, go ahead and add them!

The posts below are wiki posts, so everybody can edit them by using the edit button. Just give the file a descriptive name (with the date of the show) and upload it to the right section. Note that the image has to have at least a height of 501px or a width of at least 691px. If your image is too small, it won’t work so you will have to rescale it.

1960 - 1969

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1970 - 1975

1976 - 1979

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1980 - 1989

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1990 - 1999

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2000 - 2009

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2010 - 2014

2015 - 2016

2017 - 2018

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2020 - 2030


Wow, that’s awesome!
I’ve never seen either of the 60s ones, COOL STUFF!!!

I sure have some to add, will do when I find the time (which could take some).

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I was exploring some forum features with a couple of images. And then I started adding more and more of them… :smile:

Yeah that Parliaments stuff is great.

The Parliaments may blow cool, but when they blow, they smok.

Some of these aren’t posters. Some are ads or handbills. Nice stuff though.

Yeah you’re absolutely right. I didn’t think about it so much when I wrote it :blush:. A lot of the early ones are obviously ads or handbills. (I added a small note about it in the first post)

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