George Clinton and P-Funk - The book

This one here I want pretty badly. But it seems the cheapest it can be had online is 35 pounds, and aside from that single copy, it’s well over 100 pounds. It must have been a pretty short print run and not in stores very long, if at all

Man that book is incredible. A must have! Here’s some video clips about it (if you haven’t seen it).

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I bought mine on Amazon 4-5 years ago - only cost me £15 then - sorry it’s not for sale! It is well worth tracking down though, I have got a lot out of it, sometimes just a reminder to listen to things I haven’t heard in a while. Good luck!

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If you’re ever hard up for cash let me know! I’ll be your insurance man for the funk.

He will take some insurance out on your rump.

thanks guys, glad to read you like our book. it was sold out very quick…i guess its time for a 2.0 edition LOL

gr Arno Konings