420 Funk Mob - Eve of the Emperor/Emperor Has No Clones

It just came to my attention - did anyone else here know? - that there was a 420 Funk Mob studio album in 2012 called The Eve Of the Emperor.

It has no discogs listing, and it’s not on itunes even though 420 FM’s two live albums are.

My questions are:

  • why is this not available to purchase on itunes?
  • was this a digital-only release or were there physical copies? On what platforms was it for sale at the time of release?
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I haven’t heard about it before (don’t think I have anyway). Where did you hear about it?

But I did some digging around :slight_smile:, this is what I found.

So I found that Clip mentioned Eve of the Emperor in 2012 on wfnk.com. But then I also found a couple of other references to an upcoming album called Emperor Has No Clones. Maybe he changed the title of the album?

The first No Clones reference is also from 2012 and it mentions both titles. Then there’s one from fb in 2013 and another from 2019 in the comments of this page. I also found this fb post by Clip from last month (!) where he mentions the album (though the title was slightly changed to Emperors Have No Clones).

And I saw that 420funkmob’s old myspace page listed a track called Flirt as part of the album The Emperor Has No Clones. That track can now be found at soundcloud.

Also, in Scott Goldfine interview with Clip from 2019 they talk about the upcoming and first studio album with 420…

So my conclution is that it’s the same album and that it hasn’t been released yet. :slight_smile:

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That’s some fine detective work! I would certainly agree that this album has not seen the light of day. That is, I would, if I hadn’t downloaded the tracks myself on soulseek from Good2YourEarhole.

There’s a whole album (whose authenticity I have no reason to doubt) with the following tracks, listed as being from 2012:

The Emperor Don’t Have no Clones
Track 2
You take the Blame
Track 5
Pleasure and Pain
Slaves To the System
Crush On U
Soft Piano
Funk Enuff
Red Hot Mama 2012
It’s Over
P Jam Sandwich

tracks 2 and 5 are instrumentals, and track 5 is live. It’s possible that whoever got a hold of these just named the songs themselves.

There’s also a set of songs from an album called “The emperor has no clones”, supposedly the 2010 demos or working tracks to the album.

Pleasure Pain
So Blue Without You
All for One / The Freebies
Flirt (alt)
Flirt (alt again)
Fried all Day

I listened to them, was satisfied that it is indeed the Funk Mob, and then googled for more info. I found a couple of the same references that you did - enough to conclude that this album either is, was, or was supposed to be, a thang.

Hopefully @MichaelClipPayne can fill us in!


Damn, need to check that out!