I’m excited for what 3GP has to bring. I think there’s a lot of talented kids there and I’m sure they’re gonna carry on the legacy.

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Mr Payne himself! It’s an honor. Thank you for coming here. Mr. Fiddler has graced us with his presence before and it really adds legitimacy to this community. I want to see us attract a larger fan group here, and this is a great step towards that.

What’s on my mind? Well, like everyone here, I love all things P-funk, and like most people here I’m pretty old school. I’m not particularly fond of only owning digital versions of music that I like. That doesn’t mean I don’t still do it, but I do it only as a last resort.

I have been fortunate enough to acquire reasonably priced CD versions of both Cacophonic Funk Mob albums. But with regards to Alive in Spain, Tripfest and Prescription for Mis-America (expanded version), I have not been so lucky. The reason these albums sell for so much money online on the rare occasion that they are offered up for sale, is because there is still demand for that music, and in physical form.

Therefore, since you asked, my humble suggestion is that WEFUNK make available again, in physical form, their full catalog. People should be paying the Funk Mob for this music, not opportunistic resellers. I am realistic enough to realize that there’s not a HUGE demand for this, but there is at least some, and there’s opportunity for some money there.

I have no idea about the logistics of actually pressing new albums and how many you have to produce/how much you have to charge to make it worthwhile. So my suggestion may be completely invalid, but I thought I’d bring it up anyway.

If that’s just not on the table, what are the chances you have some spare unsold copies sitting around?

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I was thinking about the same thing. Would also be nice if some of the 3GP stuff would get a physical release. And since I’m a vinyl nerd, I would love vinyl. :grin:

But I suppose digital only is cheaper.

Welcome to the forum @MichaelClipPayne!

Enjoyed you on Gonzilla radio.

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I’m glad to be here…