1985 interview with P-funk crew

Very interesting interview featuring alot of the P-funk crew. Pedro Bell mentions a Dream Team that he calls the Scheme team and I was wondering if anyone knew more about that and the internal workings of the collective? Was George’s management really that bad ? Any Info on pfunk history I would love to hear !


That’s a great article!

The Tear the Roof Off documentary also talked about some not so nice things. Don’t know much bout the internal workings, but money and heavy drugs are two things that can ruin anything. And those two things together… damn.

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I recall this first coming out. Keith Richards is on the cover. I gobbled it up. Clinton was sloppy with money and the empire collapsed under its own weight. Music bizz already corrupt as hell. Spin was the only mag that got it correct when they put The Funks in their top ten on the 50 greatest bands.


Great article and great username lol.

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