What records should I buy next?

There a lot of P-Funk records out there that I want, but I can’t buy them all at the same time :thinking: . So what records would you buy next, if you had my records?

You can look at my discogs page to see what I got.

A note regarding discogs. I got all the core albums on CD, but most of them are not added to discogs… These days I mostly buy vinyl :grin:

I was thinking of (real soon) getting the Medicaid Fraud Dogg CD, the new Sgt Peppers 7" and the Shake The Gate 12". Would also like to have more original pressings, instead of reprints. But I would love to hear what you think I’m missing and should get next!

I dunno you have a pretty nice collection. I didn’t even know there was a picture sleeve for Generator Pop.

Thanks, always looking for something more :smile: . Ordered the Newburgh Session vinyl, should come any time now :tada::tada:

Yeah both 7" and 12" picture sleeve are great.

Yes I remember buying both the 45 and the 12” back about ‘83-84 when they came out but I have never seen the pic sleeves.

Pick up Medicaid Fraud Dogg and let us know what u think. To me it is his most focused record since TAPOAFOM.

They’re both European releases, so maybe that’s why didn’t see them. Anyhow. Yes I will absolutely tell you what I think when I get it!

Great collection. It’s a good guide for me, as well.

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I am looking very much forward to recieve the new Freekbass album + The House Guests as well

Didn’t know there was a new Freekbass album. Must check that out! Do you know if there’s any pfunk people on it?

The new Freekbass album is funkin awesome all the way through. There are some contributions from Razorsharp (RIP) although it’s not mentioned which tracks he played on before he passed away.

About a year has passed since I made this topic, so here’s a recap of what I got since then. A awesome year I must say!

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wow! some great stuff in there.

You can add the Sgt. Pepper EP to the list of stuff that warrants a rip. I’ve been dying to hear that track.

I also had no idea that this Funkadelic + soul clap thing existed. Looks like three unique tracks there too.

The house guests LP, someone actually did a great rip of it already and put it on youtube, plus I’m expecting it to come out on CD eventually.

I also was able to get Chocolate City live off of youtube. Really well-produced show.

You mentioned the House Guests LP rip was on youtube. Do you happen to have a link or the channel who uploaded them? I found a channel who uploaded about half of the tracks from that LP but I can’t seem to find any uploads of the rest

If you found the channel that uploaded about half, you found the same one I did. The others I found as videos of the original vinyl playing. They weren’t the best quality but at least they’re something. I’d prefer newer vinyl rips, but I’m not sweating it because they did say it’s still coming out on CD. And tracks 2 and 4 I never did find.

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Another great year! Here’s what I got since last post.

I also started getting some stuff that was only released on CD. I think I had some of them at one point (or maybe I didn’t, don’t remember :upside_down_face: ). Found the US version of Drop The Line real cheap, but when I got it it actually was a Japanese version that nobody had on discogs. So that was nice. :tada:


Is the Japanese Drop the Line any different from US?

No, I think the music is the same. Just some minor changes to the cover/booklet (like “made in japan” and the parental advisory thing).

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Another year with new vinyl! And a couple of CDs :slight_smile: . The Up For The Down Stroke vinyl is the early release with that alternative version of Testify on it.


So here’s my annual rundown of what I got. Probably mostly interesting for myself. :sweat_smile:

Anyhow. Looking back there’s some nice stuff, though Eddie Hazel and All the Woo are reissues… The last one I got was Fuzzy’s Radio Active. I wanted a copy with a clean cover, without the promo sticker or the promo stamp. Been looking for a while. so was really glad I found it.

Waltz of a Ghetto Fly was also a nice find. There’s a standard one, but I was able to get the one with the gatefold cover, so that was nice.


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