Fantasy is Reality from the Earth Tour album

Just got my cd of Earth Tour. No Fantasy is Reality.

School boy error :disappointed:

I had the CD version before I got the vinyl, so I was pretty surprised when I heard it on there. But I had heard it before on that Tear The Roof Off compilation. I loved that comp, I got it pretty early so there were a bunch of tracks on there hadn’t heard before. Happy days. :slight_smile:

If anyone isn’t familiar with Fantasy Is Reality, it was originally recorded during the Invictus days and later turned up on First Thangs.

Here’s some different versions.

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The Osmium album also has it on the CD version, not sure about the vinyl.

Yes true! Like this one:

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I prefer the original. Such a great soulful and beautiful song and killer guitar riff splattered thru-out.


I’m wary of Osmium now as I don’t want any of the bonus tracks missing. They really elevate the album from a bit of a curiosity to one of my favourites; I’d be similarly gutted at no Come in out of the rain - and even more so at the lack of Red Hot Mama.

Need to be sure, to be sure.

Take your point about the original; there’s a lot to love about it: the drumming, the twinkly Bernie notes at the end.