Went down to the dungeon, and found P-Funk treasures

Continuing the discussion from Austin, TX 1996 and Who is stockpiling all…:

So I went down to the dungeon, and I survived! I didn’t find (yet anyway) the external hard drive that has a lot of p stuff, I know is down there somewhere. But I went through a big old pile of CDs.

Apparently I designed some of them. Yeah I know, I’m quite the artist :sunglasses: :smile:

I also found a bunch of pfunk 7"s that I had forgot about. What the…!? How is that even possible??

And then I found a show I taped in 2004 on MiniDisc. Now I only need to find a MiniDisc player… :sweat_smile:

And then, at last I found it! P-Funk live in Austin 09/15/96. I had almost lost hope of finding it. :smile:

@amesinger. I will just have to figure out the best way to upload it, but I’ll let you know when it’s done. I haven’t listened to it yet and I don’t remember the sound quality, but hopefully it’s good.

I also found The Mammoth Sessions and The Ultimate Turd (anybody remember that one??). But they should have a topic of their own… :grinning:

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Woah @silentboatman ! What a find and what a stash of the P! Thanks for looking for me. Upload on drop box and send it over. Or however you decide is right. Can’t wait to hear it.

I’m speechless. That must be the biggest stash of P to ever be “forgotten”. If I could get a digital image of any of this, the massive hole that George is leaving can be filled with a deeper understanding for what I’ve missed over the past five decades. Please let us know as you upload this lost treasure of Funk. I can’t wait to go to that headspace without time and feel it all again for the first. Thanks for saving the P for me. Only y’all really understands what this means to me.