The chronological full p-funk show on video list

I compiled a list of p-funk shows that’s on youtube in order to make it easier for people to find them. They’re mostly full shows, at lease a big chunk of it. Maybe it can help someone, so they won’t need to buy from a shady (not grady :stuck_out_tongue:) ebay seller.

There are sooo many shows, I feel like the pedro/roctober post all over again :laughing:. And there are even more shows out there… especially from the later years. If you wanna add stuff, feel free. I’ll make this topic a wiki, so you can just click on the edit button if you want to add another full show. Or if you found a video with a higher res or just wanna fix a wrong date or something…

The video quality varies and let me tell you, you get pretty tired after a while watching loads of shows in bad quality. So shows like Woodstock 99 and Jazz à Vienne are pretty refreshing.



1976-10-31 P-Funk Earth Tour - The Summit, Houston, TX


1977-12-19 P-Funk Earth Tour - The Summit, Houston, TX


1978-02-18 Flashlight Tour - Capitol Center, Landover, MD

1978-03-21 Flashlight Tour - The Summit, Houston, TX

1978-11-06 Anti Tour - Capitol Theatre, Pasaic, NJ


1979-02-01 Motor Booty Tour - Capitol Centre, Landover, MD

1979-03-18 Motor Booty Tour - The Summit, Hoston, TX


1981-04-17 Capitol Center, Landover, MD


1983-00-00 Atomic Dog Tour - Capitol Centre, Landover, MD


1984-04-01 The Summit, Houston, TX


1985-08-17 Rockpalast, Loreley, Germany


1989-08-19 Cabaret Metro Club, Chicago, IL

1989-08-25 St. Andrews Hall, Detroit, MI


1990-01-19/22 Bobigny, France and Utrecht, Netherlands

1990-07-22 Montreux Jazz Fest, Montreux, Switzerland


1991-06-25 The Palladium, New York, NY

1991-07-09 Montreux Jazz Fest, Montreux, Switzerland


1992-00-00 Osaka, Japan

1992-09-20 Ritz, New York, NY


1993-04-22 The Trocadero, Philadelphia, PA

1993-05-28 Convention Centre, Washington, DC

1993-07-00 Grant Park, Atlanta, GA

1993-10-31 Community Center, Berkley, CA

1993-12-19 Manhattan Center, New York, NY


1994-02-23 Trenton State College, Trenton, NJ

1994-04-04 Tramps, New York, NY

1994-05-05 Wesleyan College, Middletown, CT

1994-08-28 Palookaville, Santa Cruz, CA

1994-09-04 Lollapalooza, Dominguez Hills, Carson, CA


1996-03-09 Fillmore West, San Francisco, CA

1996-05-17 Drum Rhythm Festival, Amsterdam, Netherlands


1999-07-22 Woodstock 99 West Stage, Rome, NY

1999-07-23 Woodstock 99 West Stage, Rome, NY

1999-10-12 Metropol, Pittsburgh, PA


2001-10-31 Liberty Hall, Lawrence, KS


2002-07-26 Fuji Rock Festival Yuzawa, Niigata, Tokyo, Japan


2012-07-03 Jazz à Vienne, France



1976-10-31 The Summit, Houston, TX


1978-04-07 Washington, DC

1978-05-20 The Summit, Houston, TX


1989-07-22 Ariake MZ, Tokyo, Japan


1990-10-11 Chestnut Cabaret, Philadelphia, PA

1993-08-07 Club Citta, Kawasaki, Japan


1998 -07-18 Jazz Open, Stuttgart, Germany

Brides of Funkenstein


1979-03-18 The Summit, Houston, TX


Wow! This is an amazing resource, thx <3


@silentboatman more of a documentary with some live excerpts, but I found this:

It’s from the 3 nights marathon at Hot Brass club in Paris in July 1995. I was there and it was mindblowing: 4 hours the first night, 5 hours the second night and 3 hours the third night, all in a very small venue. One of my best concerts memories ever.

I was just googling it to see if by any chance any audio bootleg of these nights existed, when I found this from French cable TV channel Paris Premiere.

This suggests that it’s very possible that at least one of the three shows, if not all three were taped, and it really drives me nuts knowing it exists somewhere in someone’s vault, In the meantime I’ll have a ball watching this tonight, it’s already better than nothing :heart_eyes:

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I found the director and asked him if by any chance he still had the complete recordings, and he was nice enough to reply, but unfortunately he didn’t keep the rushes :frowning: I’m still happy this little documentary exists, though :slight_smile:

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This is great! My weekends sorted! Thanks man!

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This is absolutely amazing! @silentboatman with the goods once again! This should keep me busy at work for a month or 2​:grinning: Thank you!:metal:t4:

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