Pedro Bell bonanza in Roctober

When @ChrisB found that By Way Of The Drum cover in Roctober, I started looking through the other issues and there are so much Pedro Bell related stuff it’s crazy. They’re all up on

I’ll post the related pages below so they’ll be together in one place and easily accessible. I will also add the front covers for a little more context and so y’all can recognize them if you see them in the wild. :wink:

So Roctober is a music/comics magazine (or zine) based in Chicago that started in 1992. Since Pedro is also from Chicago it make sense that he would be in it. Some of the stuff that’s included are a story about how Pedro could have been working with Kiss, images of Pedro in the hospital (damn), a “review” of TAPOAFOM and a C Conspiracy In The Last Time Zone referense (also posted in the last time zone topic).

There’s also clippings of stuff that Pedro did 1972-1975 for the Roosevelt University college paper Torch. Tons of great stuff, like an Osmium and AEIY review from 1972 (Roctober 40) and a Cosmic Slop review from 1973 (Roctober 45). It’s interesting that he says that Osmium was hard to find, despite that it was just released two years earlier. I also noted that he singed images with lleb as early as February, 1972.

A lot of the later stuff that Pedro did for Roctober was done together with Seitu Hayden. That was a consequence of his eyes getting damaged when he got sick in late 1995 (and then legally blind in the summer of 1996). I don’t feel that Seitu gets enough credit, he was involved in a lot of post 1995 Pedro album cover stuff. Pedro and Seitu also did the cover image for the Roctober issue number 17 from 1996.

The first issue below has a great interview with Pedro (though already been posted in the By Way Of The Drum topic).


Roctober 11 (1994)

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Roctober 12 (1995)

Roctober 13 (1995)

Roctober 14 (1995)

Roctober 16 (1996)

Roctober 17 (1996)

Roctober 20 (1997)

Roctober 22 (1998)

Roctober 23 (1998)

Roctober 25 (1999)

Roctober 32 (2002)

Roctober 33 (2002)

Roctober 40 (2005)

Roctober 42 (2006)

Roctober 43 (2006)

Roctober 44 (2007)

Roctober 45 (2008)

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These are a real treat for me. I’ve never really peeped this stuff.

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Damn; this is gold! Thanks @silentboatman :metal:t4:

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