Zeep - Tex-a-graphical slams from funk ninjas

Here’s another great Pedro Bell find from archive. Again thanks to Jake Austen. Zeep!

Zeep is a magazine/zine that Pedro did in 1997 (together with overton, stozo, hayden, stevens…). They only did one issue. I wanted show it as images as I did with the Roctober stuff, but it’s more than 80 pages so that wasn’t really feasible :sweat_smile: . Instead I’ll add the PDF and show a selection.

zeep_1997.pdf (9.1 MB)


Funny story I have about this. I ordered from Dro shortly after it came out and he never sent it. So, I sent him a letter about it with my phone number in it and he called me.

I need to pull it back out. I have no memory of the Parliament Reunion even being in there.

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