Live Maggot Brain, Standing on the Verge, more

Any killer live versions that you can point me to or share: “Maggot Brain”, “Standing on the Verge…”, “Who Says A Funk Band…”, “You Can’t Miss What You Can’t Measure”, “Wizard of Finance”, “Knee Deep”, “I’ll Stay”, “Wars of Armageddon”, “ The Electric Spanking of War Babies”, “Holly Wants To Go To California”, “Let’s Play House”, “Handcuffs”? Thanks in advance🤘🏽

Audio is pretty crappy but I enjoyed the shit out of this live. Danny’s version is better than George’s :joy:

There are loads of good live versions of Standing on the Verge, but this is my fav. By a country mile.

26 minutes in. In the pocket, right there in the socket, Eddie Hazel.

Damn I wish the audio was better.

If you want live, check this thread - there’s plenty and then some.

Live Maggot Brain: the pfunk all stars version of live at Beverley takes some beating


The ‘Cosmic Slop’ solo is absolute🔥 in this clip too!

I’ve been alllll through that thread and love every second of it; thanks @FreedomFlower

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Welcome boss - and yeah Cosmic Slop is a burner.

Some footage from five years ago with Blackbyrd. Horns playing the riff from Planet Rock at the start- Never heard them do that before :metal: