Rare vinyl-only remixes

On it, thanks (a little pricey but the completist in me won’t be denied!).

I paid a little less than the one that’s left on discogs, but still a lot less than I’ve spent on numerous other p-funk items.

If you are a completist, I’d be interested to see what you have got. If nothing else, it’ll give me ideas for anything I’ve missed.

Happy to oblige but as i’m new here i’m not sure how i should proceed? I even stretch to the Malka Family in my pursuit of the P influence, so i’m pretty anoraky i think! i’m currently in pursuit of the Enemy Squad’s Bob Dole Is On Drugs 12", which despite 3 confirmed orders/dispatch from different sellers has never actually arrived at my door, leaving me to wonder if the thing actually exists?! (i got refunds from all 3 orders so i’ve not been left out of pocket, just left extremely frustrated). Doctor L’s collaborations with Clip Payne are worth checking out too, in my humble…dtb

I think we all have our own limits as to just how far we will go in the name of completeness. In the end, I may not go as far as you, but either way, it would help to serve as a road map as I travel this complex world of funk.

As for how to proceed, good question. A list? An excel spreadsheet? A link to your discogs collection? Photos? It’s up to you.

https://www.discogs.com/user/darkerthanblue/collection so have this for now; the cosmic cat, cosmic rock & monkey paw 12"s and the Rose Royce album (which has one track that’s worth the price of admission as it could be P - Funkin’ Around) i came across via a KISSFM 2 hour mix from the early 90s. I’ll add to the list when i’m able to, OK? thanks again for the dropbox zip, very much appreciated. dtb

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Damn, you’ve got multiple copies of things some people don’t even have one copy of!

Dope Dog, for example.

I don’t even have Free Agent. Can’t get it at a reasonable price.

Some p-funk items that I have in digital form but want to own on CD are:
Junie Morrison - When the City
Godmoma - Here
Fred Wesley - Funk For Your Ass and Godfather Of Soul Train
Mico Wave - Cookin’ From the Inside Out
Enema Squad - United State of Mind
420 Funk Mob - Tripfest Live and Alive In Spain
Bernie Worrell - Free Agent: A Spaced Odyssey
Drugs - A Prescription for Mis-America (2008 yellow reissue)

Items that I don’t own on CD or digitally, but am not in a hurry to download because I can and will find them on CD are:
Bernie Worrell: Pieces Of Woo, BWO is landing, Prequel, Worae, Fogshack Music 1, Improvisczario, Elevation
Roger and the Human Body: Introducing Roger
Roger: Everybody Get Up and Remix

i have the Godmoma LP Here but only on vinyl; ditto Mico Wave’s Cookin’ From the Inside Out; i have
Enema Squad - United State of Mind, Bernie Worrell - Free Agent: A Spaced Odyssey & Drugs - A Prescription for Mis-America on CD but only one copy of each - and i’m in pursuit of the 420 Funk Mob Tripfest Live and Alive In Spain CDs. The Dope Dog doubling up was a mistake by the way, i only have the 1 copy. I’m not THAT anoraky! The Intergalaxative (Enema Squad) & Ligedelic CDs both have their moments…

Hey @darkerthanblue There’s a Dope Dogs thread elsewhere here on the forums, you should check it out… There actually are FOUR different versions of that album out there! Perfect for the obsessive collector! (This is a good crew on the forum, we’ll help.)

Hi Stonedar - i was refrencing the Dope Dog CD single rather than the album with the s but thanks anyway, i’ll check out that thread (i’m still exploring the archives here!). dtb

That sounds real interesting, need to check it out. What Doctor L tracks/albums are Clip on?

Great collection! We should start a new topic dedicated to peoples collections and discogs links.

@Seventieslord You should definitely get a discogs account! It takes some time adding everything, but you will get a lot of quality time with your records. :smile:

I ain’t checked out the above links, but I love Scott & Raven ‘Monkey Paw’ “silly with it” GC rip off tune!!!

Maybe we should start a YouTube channel devoted to the rare vinyl-only stuff? And possibly some of the cd stuff too if it is out-of-print, the releasing label has folded, or if it’s really goddamn rare and expensive, etc. YouTube audio isn’t as good as actual cd audio, so it’s not like it would be completely supplanting an original cd release.

Hi Silentboatman - so the Doctor L albums with Clip Payne contributions are:
Mountains Will Never Surrender
Temple On Every Street
Monkey Dizzyness
We Got Lost
(& The Real Thing compilation album has a different version of Mis America to the one on the Drugs album)
but i’d recommend pretty much all of his albums as being worth a listen;
I think Monkey Paw’s a fine tune too MrSuperNobody (i think of it more as tribute rather than derivitive); Cosmic Cat & Cosmic Rock similarly - there’s other material on the KissFM P Funk Special from 92 (which i have on one-and-a-half C90 tapes) that i’ve never been able to track down or identify. Also there’s a track by 9th Creation called Superheroes, which when i first head it on a pirate staion many years ago would have sworn was by Bootsy, and should be checked out…
Good to share, dtb

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Actually, Cosmic FUNK -

The Rose Royce track doubled up for some reason - here’s the 9th creation tune i mentioned.

Oh, I’ve got one! I have about 1200 of 3800 CDs added currently. Kinda stalled recently, but I did that many in about a week, just while watching TV.

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:point_up:t3:Superheroes is a great tune (in a P-Funk kinda way) great vocals, great horns even a good a nice little bass solo… sounds nothing like Bootsy though. Maybe this should be a separate thread for P-Funk inspired or soundalikes!?!:laughing:

Does anyone have the Kiddo LPs? Looks like every track they did has made its way to youtube, except for two: Can’t Explain and Young Love.

I only have the first album, the self titled one.