Quarantine Project - P-funk projects that did not get a physical release

I think being stuck at home for a month or two, would be a perfect time to complete this project that I’ve had in mind for a while. Thought you might be able to help.

Over the past few years, Discogs has really emerged as the definitive place to see a complete list of all things released by any artist. The more “major” the artist, the more complete the existing list is. Parliament, Funkadelic and George Clinton are all major artists, and there’s nothing missing on Discogs that I am aware of. But many other p-funk related artists have some gaps. I’ve filled in a few for which a physical item exists (Bernie Worrell’s prequel EP, Enema Squad’s Intergalaxative, Cacophonic Funk Mob’s Fuck Jazz 2), but there are plenty of gaps to fill for items released in the past 15 years, in digital-only format.

Why bother? Collectors and completists deserve to have a place where they can go to see a comprehensive summary of everything released by an artist they are following, physical or otherwise. For the lesser-known p-funk artists, Discogs is the closest thing that they have right now, but it can be made better. And so many members of the mob had a real piecemeal discography that ended up all over the internet - you have to check and doublecheck their own websites, discogs, wikipedia, bandcamp (oftern multiple accounts and aliases), itunes youtube and soundcloud just to find it all. Junie and Bernie are two prime examples of this. But there are more.

With the help of this board, I’d like to compile a list of all known releases (albums, EPs and single tracks) that were digital-only, so that I can spend a couple hours some day adding them all to discogs. Here are some that I am aware of right now. I hope some of you find some things in this list that you weren’t even aware of, but I really hope you can point me in the direction of some items I have missed! (some digital-only items are already on discogs, I have deliberately left these out - maybe I will make a separate post with those ones, so this thread can serve as a roadmap for anyone interested in collecting odds and ends)

George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic - Funkprobosci presents Baby Makers Vol. 1

Bootsy Collins - Bootzilla Records, vol. 1 (EP) - Itunes, spotify, 2019

Original P - Funk Force Trauma (album) - bandcamp, spotify, amazon, 2016

Junie Morrison - Evacuate Your Seats (album w/bonus tracks) - itunes
Junie Morrison - Pieces (album) - amazon, 2010
Junie Morrison - Contemplating: Sound For Body and Mind (EP) - bandcamp, 2016
Junie Morrison (The Algorithm) - Tacheon Flow (single) - bandcamp, 2015
Junie Morrison (The Algorithm) - The Daydreamers (single) - bandcamp, 2015
Junie Morrison - Stick it in Redux (single) - bandcamp, 2015
Junie Morrison - Love Has Taken Me Over reloaded - bandcamp, 2015
Junie Morrison - Techno Freqs A/B Flip (single) - bandcamp, 2014
Junie Morrison - Pretend (I Don’t Love You (single) - bandcamp, 2014
Junie Morrison - Don’t Fall Fast (single) - bandcamp, 2014
Junie Morrison - The Body Savage (single) - bandcamp, 2011
Junie Morrison (boyinsea) - Abstractia A/B Flip (single) - bandcamp, 2016
Junie Morrison (boyinsea) - Copying Atlantis (album) - soundcloud, 2014
Junie Morrison (Micronagual) - Vibrate You (single) - bandcamp, 2013
Junie Morrison (Jettzon) - Up the Catwalk (single) - bandcamp, 2013
Junie Morrison (Micronagual) - Space Wars On the Dancefloor - bandcamp, 2015
Junie Morrison - Shake Like a Mofo (single) - bandcamp, 2014
Junie Morrison (tekadelic) - Good For U (single) - bandcamp, 2014
Junie Morrison (j.s. theracon) - Funky Party Time (single) - bandcamp, 2014

Bernie Worrell - Feelins Of the Heart (single) - bandcamp, 2015
Bernie Worrell - Lovin; You Forever, Judie (single) - bandcamp, 2015
Bernie Worrell - I Don’t Even Know (album) - bandcamp, 2010
Bernie Worrell - Christmas Woo (mini-album) - bandcamp, 2009
Bernie Worrell (Worrell’s Open Operatives) - The Nameless EP (EP) - soundcloud, 2012
Bernie Worrell & Bill Laswell - By A River (For Peter) (single) - bandcamp, 2016
Bernie Worrell & The Woo Warriors - S/T (EP) - soundcloud, 2011
Bernie Worrell (BWO) - Gnawing Jaws Of the Jack O’Lantern (single) - soundcloud, 2013

Garry & Linda Shider - A Tale Of Too Funkys (album) - itunes, cdbaby, 2017
Garry Shider & Funkscribe - Funkscribe & Starchild (album) - itubes, cdbaby, 2010


Is Baby Makers on Discogs?

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No! never heard of this, how do I get it?

Jeez, this is so far off the radar that @findagroov didn’t even have it in his otherwise painstakingly complete ebook!

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Great project! I’ll help out with whatever I can.

Yes, I believe Baby Makers was only a digital release. Found info about it on this old blog. Relesed on GCs birthday July 22, 2011. The track list is (as printed on the blog):

  1. Belita Woods: Bluesette
  2. Sly Stone: Fever
  3. Kendra Foster: Aqua Amor
  4. Paul Hill: Dig Ya Self Out
  5. Tracey Lewis: Hunter
  6. George Clinton & Prince: Paradigm
  7. George Clinton & P-Funk: Joelene
  8. Belita Woods: Girls Night Out
  9. Sly Stone: If I Didn’t Love You
  10. Kendra Foster: You Give Me Fever
  11. Parliament: Live Up
  12. Tracey Lewis: It’s Growing
  13. George Clinton & Kim Burrell: Mathematics
  14. George Clinton & El DeBarge: Radio Friendly
  15. Mary Griffin: Neither One Of Us
  16. George Clinton & Kendra Foster: You Can Depend On Me
  17. Bonustrack: Funkadelic: P.E. Squad / The Doo Doo Chasers
    (Going All-The-Way Off - Instrumental Version)

Btw, Standards with Bernie is on discogs and got a vinyl release.

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I didn’t realise it was that unknown, was available as a download from George’s Facebook page for a while. Suspect it was pulled because several of the tracks ended up on Shake the Gate, although not all the same versions.

DM me details of a reputable file sharing service (I hear Napster got shut down lol) and I would be happy to help out


Tracey or somebody put an album of material out on myspace some years ago. I don’t know if he did it. It had early versions of both Loody Poo & Dada on it. The confusion arose back about 2013 when I ran into TreyLewd at a gig and told him how much I dug the remix of the song “Heavenly Eyes”. The original appeared on another record that was out on a mp3 disc. I think it was Adventures of Trick Tracey or something. Which there was also some drama about it’s release. He kept at it about how in world have I heard that? It was on that myspace album.
Either he put it out and completely forgot it was out there or somebody else did it. I don’t know if it is still up. Reason I bring this up is that at least one of those tracks on the Baby Makers is on there, It’s Growing.


What about Dropbox? Super easy, just throw it in your folder, right click, copy public link, send me that link.

And yeah I was going to ask if those were the same versions that were on how late and shake the gate, because a lot of those song titles are very familiar…


Chances are if that’s where it was, it’s lost to history. All audio posted to myspace before a certain date (I want to say, 2014?) is permanently gone, though pages containing them should still be up.

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Yes, you’re right of course. I knew that too… I’ll edit it out and add in baby makers.

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By the way, the track list that you posted, do you think that is the deluxe tracklist? I found an indiegogo page for it:

“Get the Deluxe Edition of George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic’s “Baby Makers” album featuring guest apperances from Sly Stone, Prince, El Debarge, and Kim Burrell along with The P-Funk All Stars. Bonus tracks include 2 outtakes and the 4 Indie Gogo Exclusive Tracks.”

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That name sound familiar… He also dropped that RnB Boy - Return Of The Clone Ranger around that time.

I don’t know. 68 persons apparently got it from that Indiegogo fundraiser, so that deluxe version should be out there somewhere. :slightly_smiling_face:

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What?? Only 68? That’s insanely low.

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Yeah he tried to get us with that fundraiser but I didn’t go for it.
He did a promo for it where he was showing the tapes of the uneditied Parliament Live album. I’m talking about the L.A. & Oakland shows from '77 in their entirety. Like he was going to put them out. Now that would have been something indeed.
Tracey had issues with the releases of both Trick Tracey and the other one, R&B Boy. Something about them being unauthorized. Lucky for me I was able to snag the one that was up on myspace. I probably should not admit that I did & do feel some guilt but it is what it is. Here is the track listing:

Baby Come Here
Country “G”
Golden Door
Heavenly Eyes (remix)
I Wanna Know
In My Suburbs
It’s Growing
Lewd Axe- went on to become DaDa on MFD
Manufactured Crackheads-not to be confused with another track he does called “Crackheads”

I am a huge Trey Lewd fan, some may disagree with my tactics but I can live with that. Tracey is a hugely underrated talent.
Interestingly enough, last night I was for some reason compelled to cue up Sample Somma Discs. Good Gawd some of these licks are the funkiest stuff you’ll ever hear. I can not even begin to imagine what George was sitting on. There must be an enormous amount of incredible music that ended up on the cutting room floor. All those cats just constantly cutting and cutting. We will never know. Maybe somewhere in eternity I’ll encounter these grooves on another astral plane, certainly not whilst trapped in this mortal coil lol.


Don’t feel bad at all. No one would ever begrudge you for that. Digital music online is fleeting - one day it’s there for the taking and the next it’s gone without a trace. Better off grabbing it while you can. I’ve pulled lots of stuff off youtube (only as a last resort, though).

If you have those tracks in some form, share away, then more people have it!

:open_mouth: You mean those discs are actually worth listening through? I would have had no idea.

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I have Evacuate Your Seats on vinyl, but presumably minus bonus tracks

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The tracklist matches the version I have posted which he released (for free I think) on Facebook, so I doubt it’s the deluxe one, there is only one track described as “Bonus”, so we’re definitely needing to find one of the 68 people who got those tracks!


Yes, I should clarify, the original vinyl release has a discogs entry, but digital-only re-release with bonus tracks should get a sub-entry on it.

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First one complete: https://www.discogs.com/release/15098914

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