The complete P discogs project

Related to @Seventieslord great idea/post about adding every missing digital p release to Discogs, I wanted to create a separate more general topic dedicated to Discogs. In order to get the P-Funk releases/info on Discogs as complete as possible.

Here’s some ideas on what we can post in this topic. For example if we have some pending submissions, we could help each other with the voting of the data quality. Or if there’s a strange credit (or only a family name) that we don’t recognize, maybe somebody else knows who it is. We could also just add status updates on what pfunk related stuff we have been tweaking/adding.

Also, we could get help with (or discuss) the discogs database guidelines. There’s a lot of them. :slightly_smiling_face:

So let me start off with some changes I made. I changed some Bernie releases from Bernie Worrell to Bernie Worrell Orchestra, since names on discogs must be as they are on the release (discogs db 2.1.2). Also updated the Bernie Worrell Orchestra page.

Btw @Seventieslord, I saw that you added Prequel. Excellent!

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Thanks for starting this topic. If I have a release that’s not on discogs, I’ll definitely add a full range of photos, track names, times, barcode, label and catalog number, genre, year, etc. But I cannot guarantee I’ll go as far as adding credits. I’d be sure to take a picture of the credits, though.

I’ll certainly help with data quality votes, though. You’re right that Bernie Worrell Orchestra should “technically” be a separate artist entry. I’d prefer the main page for an artist would include releases that include the artist’s name - sort of like entries that say “George Clinton/Parliament/Funkadelic” will show up on all three pages, but oh well. I was lazy the way I did it.

I can help with credits :slightly_smiling_face:

I hear you. I would also like to have Bootsy’s Rubber Band, Bootsy’s New Rubber Band and Bootsy Collins on the same page.


I’d take it a step further and say Sweat Band should be there too. Wasn’t it the excact same band just under a different temporary name?

side note - the worst is Omar Rodriguez-Lopez, guitarist and creative force of At the Drive-in and The Mars Volta. He has a very extensive solo career, and most of his albums came out under Omar Rodriguez-Lopez, but some came out as:

  • El Grupo Nuevo de Omar Rodriguez Lopez
  • Omar Rodriguez Lopez Quartet
  • Omar Rodriguez Lopez Quintet
  • El Trio de Omar Rodriguez Lopez
  • Omar Rodriguez Lopez Group

…all with their own discogs entries. Very messy but… I get it

Speaking of credits, I just added the credits to World Wide Funk (to the vinyl version) and there’s like a crazy lot of people on that album! :sweat_smile:

Here’s some credits that I don’t know who they are. So if anybody recognize them, let me know!

L. Thompson
C. Walker
April Showers
Moma Rose

W. White Jr.

F. Ray Jr.

J. Ellison

Just finished adding my entire music collection to Discogs last night. The project started off quite frustrating, with approximately 10% of my albums needing to be added to the database. As it turns out, that was an anomaly as I began the project by adding my greatest hits compilations of artists from the 1910s through 1950s. As it went on, very few items needed to be added. By the end, it was just 45 of 3,146 items, or 1.43%. that’s pretty impressive on discogs’ part to have had such an already complete database.

  • 21 of my submissions were very old artist compilations.
  • 3 were from a small, independent UK band called Scaramanga Six
  • 1 was a Metallica official bootleg
  • 11 were by very small, relatively obscure Canadian artists
  • 1 was a finger eleven best buy exclusive
  • 5 were short run UK releases acquired over the years through loose relation to The Wildhearts
  • and lastly, 3 were rare P-Funk items that had not been added before: Enemy Squad’s Intergalaxative, BWO’s Prequel, and the very last album I scanned in, Return Of The Gypsy: Various - P-Funk Guitar Army: Tribute To Jimi Hendrix: Return Of The Gypsy

Here’s my full collection:

Time to move on to digital releases!


Excellent! Btw do you have a higher resolution scan of pages 10-13 of the P-Funk Guitar Army insert that you could post or message me?

Added the credits to P-Funk Guitar Army - Return Of The Gypsy. Some tracks are really p-funk heavy and others doesn’t seem to have any connection.

Jimi Why D-U Have Ta Go got Bootsy, Kash, Bernie and Gary James (guitarist in Bootsy’s New Rubber Band). And Father Forgive Um is Mudbone and Kidd Funkadelic together with Chris Donnelly and Freekbass, who where both in SHAG. @Phunklord_Siege and @MotherFunkin talked about SHAG about a year ago. Bootsy and Mudbone produced that one.

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Updated Jersey Girl with Sativa. Anybody recognize these credits?

Writer credit
Lady Storm

Production/Engineering credit at What Studios
Earnest Adams
Q. Owens

Artwork credit

Added a version of Gangsters Of Love. Anybody recognize these credits?

Musician credit

Recording engineer credit at What Studios
Lawrence (Bay Bay) Peavey

I wonder if “BJ” could be Scarface, since his real name is Brad Jordan and they thank him on the cover. Also he played (apparently) on Jolene. But don’t know, maybe that’s far-fetched…

Hello Seventieslord,
Re: Scaramanga Six
This is an outfit from Huddersfield, West Yorkshire where I also live.
There were 2 brothers in there , one of whom has got a solo album out.

Wow! Finding someone who knows Scaramanga Six anywhere at all is a needle in a haystack, but finding one here, of all places, I didn’t think that would happen!

I’m a big fan, my CD of Cruel Designs is already on the way. Got into them through Cardiacs association 8 years ago.