Parliament Funkadelic Detroit 1977 CD

There is a recenty released live CD from RoxVox Records.It is called ‘Detroit 1977’ and it contains a live show that was originally broadcast on a radio station (WRIF-FM).Anybody got a copy yet? I ordered it but my copy isn’t here yet.

Haven’t got this one yet, but looks nice! I wonder which show it’s from. Maybe March 12 at Olympia Stadium?

Wish it would be relesed on vinyl. :sunglasses:

Had the bootleg download for a while. Good show! The date is either 12/31/77 or 1/1/78. Don’t think it’s ever been verified which…

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I could be mistaken. But what this appears to be to me is Home Of The Funk CD. A disc of the Detroit Flashlight set done early in the tour but after Glen Goins had departed. This stuff has been out for 20 years. I highly recommend the gig. Recently, I’ve been seeing a lot of these old bootlegs getting “official” release. Don’t know what’s up with that or quite how I feel about it. They have repackaged it like its just coming out now.
Beware of the Maggot Brain on here too. It’s highly edited to where you only hear the last minute or two.

Yeah, the set list looks like Home Of The Funk boot.


Rox Vox seems to have some strange releases. They also released this live record that apparently is the Newburgh Session from '76, and not from Madison Square Garden '77,

@FunkyVibe76 Did you receive your copy? I’m curious how the sound quality is. And what about the booklet, any liner notes of nice images?

April 1st, 1978. In fact, most of the Rox Vox P-Funk releases are misdated.

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A lot of stuff commercially available on small labels are still basically bootlegs they probably mis-title them on purpose.

I’m wondering about this and the 3cd Capitol theater show. Both say they are from a radio broadcast. Two questions:

  1. is there a DJ talking over the starts and ends of the songs?
  2. does it sound like something recorded off the radio, or is it similar in quality to most official live albums?

No, you don’t hear any radio DJ talking. I would say that the Capitol theater show has better sound quality than the Detroit one. But they’re on spotify, so you can check them out there.

Awesome, thanks. Looks like this company also released a Bootsy live set. I assume it’s about the same standard

weird, I can’t get any of these to come up on Spotify. I wonder if it’s because I’m in Canada? Or is it because I’m not a premium subscriber? (I’ll never pay to stream. Physical versions FTW)

Does the audio from the Detroit CD set come from this? Because if so, that’s more than acceptable.

That’s to bad. Works for me with a free account and I know that Spotify uses some country specific restrictions, so that’s probably the issue.

Yeah, I think the Capitol theater show could be sourced from that recording on youtube (but not the Detroit show :slight_smile: ).

Is the sound on the CD fairly muddy? I still contend Skeets bass solo in funkentlechy is one of the best I’ve heard him play !

Yeah it’s pretty muddy. But after a while I usually get use to it and forget how it could/should sound :slightly_smiling_face:. Skeet is great here.

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I have a fairly large live jazz bootleg , soundboards & live radio checks so mud doesn’t bother me , these are historic recordings , we’ll never hear Funkadelic like this again. So I give thanks to the music higher power for saving these.