In da Kar - version breakdown

There are four versions of In da Kar. First we got the album version and the EFUNK mix that’s on the Soul Clap 12" (not the Version Excursion :slightly_smiling_face:). And then there’s two versions that’s only been released digital. FSQ remix from the digital version of that Soul Clap 12" and FSQ Miami Dub from the digital only album FSQ - The Remix Special.


FSQ remix

FSQ Miami Dub

Also, the music video uses the EFUNK mix.

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Well I’ve been schooled!

Ya’ll graduated from the Boatman University (where we get everything from the net :stuck_out_tongue:).

…I graduated high!

by the way, since we’re on the topic, are there any other official remixes of shake the gate and MFD-era songs that I should know about?

Also on the Soul Clap ep, there’s a different mix of First Ya Gotta Shake The Gate, and another song called Peep This. Then on the streaming services, there’s a gazillion Louie Vega remixes of Ain’t That Funkin’ Kinda Hard On You, one of which wound up as the bonus track on the re-release of STG. I don’t think there are any MFD remixes.

I have the same question re. How Late… There was this:

Was there anything else related to How Late?

Also, Jolene is on STG, Jolene (vrsn3) is on Version Excursion. does that mean there’s a Jolene version 2 out there somewhere?

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I also only know of the Louie Vega remixes. Nine versions on the digital release and two of them was also released on a 12". The version on the STG digipak re-release is the Louie Vega Radio Mix.

Don’t remember of any other stuff from How Late (or MFD).