STG, MFD and How Late versions/remixes

Continuing the discussion from In da Kar - version breakdown:

by the way, since we’re on the topic, are there any other official remixes of shake the gate and MFD-era songs that I should know about?

Also on the Soul Clap ep, there’s a different mix of First Ya Gotta Shake The Gate, and another song called Peep This. Then on the streaming services, there’s a gazillion Louie Vega remixes of Ain’t That Funkin’ Kinda Hard On You, one of which wound up as the bonus track on the re-release of STG. I don’t think there are any MFD remixes.

I have the same question re. How Late… There was this:

Was there anything else related to How Late?

Also, Jolene is on STG, Jolene (vrsn3) is on Version Excursion. does that mean there’s a Jolene version 2 out there somewhere?

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I also only know of the Louie Vega remixes. Nine versions on the digital release and two of them was also released on a 12". The version on the STG digipak re-release is the Louie Vega Radio Mix.

Don’t remember of any other stuff from How Late (or MFD).

Follow-up for OCD completists like myself-- I’ve found there are three different versions of U Ain’t Runnin Shit (Grant Phabao Skank):

  1. There’s the one I linked above which is an edit
  2. Here’s a longer one on Soundcloud George Clinton - U Aint Runnin Shit (Grant Phabao) by Grant Phabao Remix | Free Listening on SoundCloud with an actual end
  3. Here’s another on Bandcamp that’s identical to the Soundcloud one except it fades out.

Also, I asked above if there’s a Jolene version 2 out there somewhere. Yes there is; it’s on Baby Makers Vol. 1.


Thanks for the round up. OCD completists :joy: that’s me!