If it ain't on p-vine it ain't p-funk mini CD

Does anyone have this? Seems pretty hard to find. It would be great if you could share track 2, quantum leap. The other 2 are out there on YouTube.

Had no idea these existed until I read findagroov’s book.

Yeah that one is pretty hard to come by. Don’t have it, but here’s the cover!


Promotional CD from P-Vine, 1993.

1. Terrestrial Touch
2. Quantum Leap
3. Feona Funk


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I wonder if @Findagroov has it. To review these songs, he must either own the disc or the songs, I reckon.

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That’s a rarity alright. Someone dubbed it for me on a cassette some years ago. It will pop up on ebay every blue moon.

Yeah, you know how you know when something’s rare nowadays?

  • it’s rare if there’s not a single copy for sale on discogs
  • it’s rarer if there’s not even a sales history on discogs
  • it’s rarest if it’s not even on discogs because it’s never been in the hands of someone who cares to add to discogs.

This would be in the third category.

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Hmmm, this is getting me to wondering. How rare do you suppose the Police Doggy EP is? I’ve got one over here and am tempted to put it out there and see what happens.

Well I just went over there. It ain’t as in demand as I thought. I think I will sit on it.

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Yeah, I just got it a month ago. It’s rare enough that I had to pay double what I am used to paying for a CD, but was easy enough to find.

Dope Dog, on the other hand, I had to buy the only one on the whole internet, for $60. It said it hadn’t sold in two years prior. Immediately after, two copies showed up, for much less than $60.

It has now been added to discogs :slightly_smiling_face:

Good stuff!

This officialandbootz guy has been turning up in a lot of places lately, in releases that I’ve been adding, updating and checking. I think we have ourselves a P-Funk connoisseur.

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Every day I get a couple of messages saying there have been changes affecting items in my collection, and when I check, it’s this same guy, usually adding complete pics, usually to a secondary or tertiary p-funk item (like brides, parlet or fuzzy). This guy has it all and he likes to contribute. I’m gonna tell him about these forums.


In the recently added Discogs listing, five people claim to have this CD, including our very own @Dan.Wooridge - just tagging him to get his attention. Dan! You’ve gotta rip this CD!

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