Sample Some Of Disc - Reassembling the jams

So it was a 4-disc japanese set, but only discs 1, 2, and 3 were sold separately in the USA?

Or was disc 4 sold just like they were? It would seem strange that it doesn’t even have a discogs listing while the other three are fairly common.

Yes, volume 4 appears to only be part of that 4-disc P-Vine set. I found the following images from an old auction.

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So Chaz, I’m going to go straight to the point. There are some full length instrumentals of the stuff? What about any finished tracks with vocals? He keeps teasing about putting out more of the Family Series stuff. Any idea of what else George is sitting on? In my mind, what has been released by the Funks is a small percentage of what they actually cut. Would that be a proper assessment?
I just figured a lot of the stuff is just lost somewhere.

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I’m sorry, I misspoke I meant “full” as in all the instruments.
Not full length.
All of those tracks being full length would’ve taken up perhaps 50 or 60 CDs.

However, when there were big groove changes, we made sure to put those parts in, probably under different name… Something about being able to identify which part was sampled by whom necessitated the idea of changing the names. I had no control over any of the legal decisions… AT ALL.
Therefore, different oatmeal cookies parts had other silly names like Apple Brown Betty, and other names similar to oatmeal cookies.

As far as other unreleased tracks, Most of these were the ones recorded at United Sound Studios and The Disc where I worked. I know Georgie, George’s son (R.I.P.) had a killer song with Bernie and Eddie blazing! Don’t know what happened to it.
Also, Bernie had some reels as did Bootsy and Gary.
Who knows what Armin Boladian has?(shyster)

There’s probably a lot of stuff floating around.

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Do you happen to know any of the other tracks that have different names like that? It’d be really helpful.

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Hi @Chaz-Martin, nice to have someone involved in the scene at that time period here on the forums. By any chance, do you know anything about or can you shed some light on this super obscure release?

Are these tracks some Family Series leftovers? It’s from about the same time. Were you involved in them in any way?

Thanks for any insight you might have.


Well fellow maggots, the deed is done. Thanks to sir Seventieslord, who sent me the volume 2 CD (thank you, my man), I was able to edit us some “new” P to listen to. Interestingly, I ended up with half as many tracks for volume 2. Though, they are much longer than the ones I put together from volume 1, which means it’s about the 30 min of music from both discs (an hour total). Anyways, I’m pretty happy with how the second disc turned out, some longer tracks, quality jams. In any case, here y’all go, and glory be, the funk’s on P! (both volume 1 and 2 are in there)

I’ll probably take this link down by Monday. If you’re not able to grab it by then lemme know and I’ll hook you up.

P.S. I couldn’t find a very high quality image for the volume 2 disc (of the lizard artwork) so I made a makeshift one lol. Also one thing I found interesting is that a portion of the track I titled Apple Brown Betty was on volume 1, while the rest was on 2. I didn’t expect that.


Unbelievable! That was so fast. Can’t wait to listen. Downloading now.

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Awesome! Thanks @Phunklord_Siege and @Seventieslord! :tada: :tada:

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Ditto to what @silentboatman said, thanks @Phunklord_Siege and @Seventieslord , great great stuff!!

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Sorry, I’m just seeing this. I have no idea about those tracks. If I can listen they might ring a bell. Sorry

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There is a mint copy of Sample Some Of Disc Sample Some Of Dat Vinyl on eBay UK for £17.50 inc delivery right now. Not for me but thought someone on here might be interested.

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:point_up:t3:I haven’t checked out the discdat tracks, although your post did remind me of one of the only tunes I can think of actually that used some of the…

appreciate that i’m almost so late to this as to be classified as absent but i was wondering if the assembled vols 1 & 2 of the samples from some of dat could be re-linked? Here’s hoping…

No problem, I’ll hook you up.

Cheers, it’s appreciated.

Here it is… someone buy this. I would, but, uh, I don’t have my wallet with me right now.

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Haha yeah that’s chump change

Only $230, it’s a bargain :grin:

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That oatmeal cookies snippet is actually a released song by the Horny Horns. It’s called cookie monster and is on the final blow album.

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