George Clinton new Patreon page

George Clinton is debuting his new Patreon page

join at the $20 tier and get one free unreleased P-Funk track each and every month on the first of every month. Some of the unreleased Mammoth stuff will be coming out on this new page. Definitely for the die hards!


Check out the announcement here with GC and Danny…


Sorry. I don’t understand…I’ll get ONE song each month or THREE songs each month? How much do I have to pay for THREE songs each month?

At the moment the only option seems to be $20 for 1 song each month.

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Didn’t he do something like this a few years ago? Where you send him some $ and he promises to release something. Yeah, yeah. He trotted out the Parliament Live recording and made it seem like he was gonna put out the whole unedited version.
I remember that . Gonna pass this time lol.

Im helping with administering this page so if you know me, and how i run my patreon it will be on time, accurate, and indeed unreleased


$240 a year for 12 tracks, maybe a double CD’s worth of music if you’re lucky, not even hardcopy, Crazee

The patrons are getting Unreleased never before heard tracks thats why. Renember “the Last time zone”? The album Funkadelic was gonna put out on Mammoth Records in 1999, that got canceled bc Disney bought Mammoth? This is what the Patrons and ONLY the Patrons are getting.

Damn right its ‘crazee’. Crazee exclusive af.


Thanks again Danny for your valuable time and assistance. Somehow I just knew you were helping out. Along with others.

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So, these are not the same tracks that showed up on that boot from a few years ago called Mammoth Sessions or something?
Because there was a couple of CDs of tracks that “never got released” on there.
Must be somn different.
Put the apparently shelved One Nation Under Sedation album up there and I might bite.


Somewhat unrelated but to clear some things up, ‘One Nation under Sedation’ is essentially the songs that didnt make it onto Medicaid Fraud Dogg. There are some great songs on there too.

But the Mammoth Sessions is (for the most part) the 1999 Funkadelic album “the Last Time Zone”. Some great songs on there too.


From the link (bolded emphasis is mine):
You will receive EITHER an unreleased song and/or version excursion which has not yet seen the light of day, OR a video exclusive, viewed first by you: the P-Funk Patrons!
I interpret that to mean it may not always be an unreleased song. It might be a “video exclusive” instead of a song. Am I interpreting that correctly?

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For the time being it will an unreleased song each month. That other thing about video exclusives are for further in the future if we do any special podcasts or vids, but that type of content may end up being just a bonus


Thanks for clarifying.

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Danny, thanks for the info. i’m a subscriber of your patreon as well.

Just a few questions that haven’t been asked

What about concerts? i’m thinking in terms of like grateful dead and how they do it - higher tier subscriber gets access to tour shows

TY for your discography on the main patreon page and ty for the reference book and all the services you provide with your musical ability :sunglasses:

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Thank you for your patronage!! Yes concerts are an idea in the future when we expand the tiers of George’s patreon page.

Thanks again for the support!

A little rich for my blood, but I want to contribute. Other patreons that I’ve joined in the past will still allow you to access the older content regardless of when you joined. Is this one like that? Or if you’re not a member at the moment something is posted, and you join later, does older content remain off-limits to you?


Yes i believe that the moment you join, you will be able to start with the first unreleased track given


new video on ig from george talking about the patreon while feeding his chickens -