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Danny, I have another question (or two) on a somewhat related note. Do you know how many unreleased songs from the 70s and/or 80s are left in the vault? Has it all been released, or is it less than 50 songs, more than 50 songs? If there’s anything left, are there any plans to release it anytime soon?

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More than 50 thats for damn sure. Untold amount. Not enough time in a lifetime to plan all the releases for all the unreleased material


Wow. That’s a lot more than I imagined from that era. :slightly_smiling_face:

edit to add: Strange as it may sound, I don’t have a strong interest in the Mammoth sessions. Unreleased Funkadelic from the 1970s however, is a different story.


I have to say that The Last Time Zone, especially heard in its entirety, upon first hearing it (back in 2000) was my favorite P-Funk album since Electric Spanking

The only ones that actually came out were:
+on how late…
^on shake the gate

+The title track- Last time zone
+Bounce to this (changed and reworked)
+Never ending love
+Gypsy Woman
^Snot & Booger (drastically changed)

The other 5-7 tracks were awesome and never heard. Even the ones that came out were changed so much they dont sound like the originals. The only ones we heard in a somewhat original format that were released were the title track, yesterdejavu, and never ending love.

Btw in my opinion Never ending love is as good the best P-funk tracks from the 1970s. And there are at least 6 other songs from that album that have that quality imho

And unlike the unreleased stuff from the 60s-80’s, and even the newest unreleased stuff, the “Mammoth” stuff was finished. Produced with complete storylines, arrangements, production etc
Thats why a lot of that stuff is worth hearing. It is a complete musical experience


What a tease! You’ve got my mouth watering for a polished P-Funk album experience. :drooling_face:

At least to me, Yesterdejavu, Never Ending Love and what I think is a less altered version of Snot & Booger (You’d Better Come and Get It) have a Funkadelic edge/spirit to them. To add to the mystique, Bernie was supposed to have been a “co-producer” on the album.

However, that list gets me thinking. George said in 1997 that the Funkadelic album would have Radio Friendly on it. Also, Bill Laswell put out a version of Butt-a-Butt (“Booty Record”). Are versions of those songs not part of the album too? Perhaps they belong to the Parliament “Radio Friendly” album from around the same time?


A little of both. One version of LTZ had both of those songs on them. Another iteration had those songs on the corresponding nixed Parliament record you alluded to. There was also a new The Parliaments album in the works basically completely finished by about 2003 called “Dont Techno for an answer”. It was doo wop Techno. Hows that for fusion?? Had all the original Parliaments plus Sidney Barnes, Bernie, Lige, Clip, Steve and others on there


This is mind blowing. Was it re-interpretations of old songs or new material? Would love to hear this.

Do you know if George would ever release some of these completed albums officially? I’m sure I speak for the rest of funkateers when I say we would go bananas if George were to release an album from decades ago. Especially if it had Bernie or other legendary P-Funkers.


It was techno and do wop literally fused together. Mostly do wop standards with a techno spin


Anything is possible


Yep. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy an album of completed but never released Funkadelic songs from the 1970s. Been a die-hard fan for 50 years and I’m getting old. I’d like to hear some of those tracks before it’s my time to go.


There is certainly stuff from between Cosmic Slop and Tales of Kidd Funkadelic (73-76) it has mostly been leaked in some form or another on youtube. Then there is Black Vampire (73), George’s ill fated “solo album”. I’ve written about it before. Then there are extended unreleased versions of Funkadelic stuff from 76-81. Then there is the stuff from the Uncle Jam records period (79-81) of which maybe 40% was released on the family series. Once you get up into the 1980s and beyond the amount of unreleased stuff multiplies to an insane degree. Even Medicaid Fraud Dogg has 2x more stuff that never came out


Do you ever get in his ear and tell him what the fanbase is saying they want from him? That Family Series kept me going in the 1990s. And I know he’s got the whole of Parliament Live, the parts that got left off the Casablanca official release. PLEASE PUT THAT OUT!!!
Does he like seeing us squirm and fiend for all this chyt. Does he even care?

I, like you, was enthralled by TFS 1-5. what you have to remember however is that fans like you and I only represent a segmemt of the total worldwide fanbase. For every subset of GC’s fans, there are a PLETHORA of (ahem) Agressive requests of what he should put out. Like it was referenced before, triple the amount of stuff is in the vault compared to that which came out. It is like this with all artists. The only difference is that Pfunks recorded RELEASED output is so heavy quantitatively and qualitatively, that the urge for more to come out is obviously understood but not always necessarily warranted. And thirdly you have to remember that, like Miles, Prince, JB and the rest, Clinton is an ARTIST who has his own ideas about what the output should be. And already has 100 talking heads telling him what they think the next move should be. So you see, it can be a daunting task to say the least. The man works 26 hours in a 24 hour day. There just isnt enough time to do all he wants to do, let alone what every other person (myself included) thinks one should do. But thst being said, yes I do sometimes reiterate that which I see fans saying. Unfortunately, this is a fanbase full of “Chiefs”. Everyone thinks THEY have the answer. While all input is appreciated, it can never be wholly accepted bc the sheer volume of requests is quite mind boggling. But i have to say the man takes in far more fan input than most and creates his ideas on more of a concensus basis than most artists i have seen. Thats a fact. You just cannot please everyone especially with the volume of material both released and unreleased.


danny, thanks for your honest answers. is there anything you want the fans to do? should we create a discord for p funk? is there one yet? i think that’s another level that could help to have a hub like that to promote the patreons. :sunglasses:

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I think more or less EVERYTHING in the vault is worth to be released. A New big P.Funk All Star Album (CD, Double-Vinyl, Download) is appropriate! And new Volumes "Family Series! I would be happy about that. (Maybe we should open a new topic. Its more about Unreleased stuff and less about the Patreon IDEA in the meantime)


Yes that’s true. I’ll create a new topic.

And yeah, I would buy the vinyl (or CD) with that stuff in a heartbeat. :slight_smile:

Btw welcome to the forum @Fantomas!


I just recalled what George said in the “Interview - Final Thoughts” track on Volume 5 of The Family Series.

He said: “This is the last of the Family Series. Man, we got to do this again. This can’t be the end. I mean we got lots more of this stuff. Let’s go again”.

That was around 30 years ago. Still patiently waiting. Do it again, please.


All the original Parliaments, as in, including George?

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