Did the book about the women of P-Funk ever get released?

I remember some talk about it a couple of years ago, but I never saw it. Would love to read it! Apparently the title was (/is) The Girl is Bad: The story of the women of Parliament-Funkadelic.

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Mallia’s son, Seth, was supposed to be working on the book and the documentary film. Not sure what the current status is…

I asked Seth about it and he said he was in the editing process. He also said that it’s “about 98% done”, so hopefully we’ll get the book real soon!


That’s great news! Wonder if the documentary will come out too…

He has been saying it’s 98% done for several years now so I would not hold breath. Maybe one of these days he will be done with the remaining 2%. In the meantime Dawn Silva has been talking about finishing a book soon as well. I’d put my money on her’s actually materializing.

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Seth posted on fb that he got the final edit from his editor. So maybe (just maybe :grin:) we will at last get his book. Would be awesome! Mothership Connected :slightly_smiling_face: