Answers to some of your questions about personnell info in my book

Hi everyone. I’m new to this forum but wanted to touch on some of the particular “talked about” controversies in another thread on this forum about the book I released in November; the Authorized P-Funk song reference.

On “Sgt Peppers” there is some debate whether the keys are Mickey Atkins, Billy Coorish or Ivy Joe Hunter. It is most likely one of the three and I had initially thought it was Coorish, but George said it was Atkins so that is why he is listed. It could be Hunter as well possibly.

Prakash John is not on that much on AEIY. That is true.

I always thought McBride was the bassist on “Earhole” and “Stuffs and Thangs,” although GC swears its Boogie. I will likely include the conjunction OR Reggie McBride on those two in the next edition, as when we met him in France years ago, i believe those were among the songs George and McBride himself said Reggie was on… But Boogie said it was himself on Better by the Pound. We were led to believe it was Billy bc of mistakes from the Motherpage era. If you listen and know their styles and basses, it is Boog.

I discussed the Bop Gun drum controversy and a little about why it is a controversy, in the writeup under that song in the book…refer to that for more.

Never Buy Texas and Disco to Go are actually the two highest charting Brides tunes.

On Placebo Syndrome I always thought it was Billy too bc of the credits, but three primary sources who were there say it was Boog. It does sound like Boog.

On Munchies I always thought it was Brailey, but GC said it was “Boog playing in imitation of Jerome’s style”. You DO notice he does kind of a broken version of Bigfoot’s classic hi-hat pickup toward the end of the song.

With regards to Cholly, i did a couple interviews with Skeet and could’ve sworn he said it was him so now i will have to go back and double check with him again. The theory about it being botj Boot and Skeet could be possible too.

“If you got fun…” is actially how its listed on the album. Not a book typo.

I’ve heard about Glenn possibly drumming on “This is the way…” but Brailey did not take an interview so some information (especially with regards to the later period Mutiny albums) is sadly missing, and hopefully will be remedied with a second edition.

I already have 18 new or unincluded albums, 18 new or unincluded singles, 9 scribal or clerical fixes, and 17 additions or edits to include in the Second edition.

There are of course mistakes, and it is this author’s intention to fill in, and fix those particular errors. Some stuff is harder to discover, or come to terms with than others.


Thanks for clearing some of that up, Danny.
On my vinyl copy [original pressing] of Hardcore Jollies from 1976, the song title is definitely, ‘If You Got Funk, You Got Style’. Either way, the book is a great resource for fans, and much appreciated.


Thanks Danny! Great book!


Such an amazing book, Danny. There’s a thread in here called Pfunk holy grail. I suspect this would have been top of everyone’s list, if we’d dreamed such a thing were possible. :grinning:

I can’t get at it til 25th; but I did take a sneaky (two hour) look before it was snatched away and wrapped.

Loved your version of Holly Wants to go to California last year in Kentish Town, London. Jolly holidays :metal:


Thanks for the info Danny. And welcome to the forum!


So I checked my original copy as well, and it does say “If You Got Funk” (on both the back cover and the labels).

But there are reissues by Priority Records from 1993 (both on vinyl and CD) that have “Fun” written on the back cover. Although the labels on the vinyl says “Funk”.


Also, i spoke to Skeet today and he DID play bass on Cholly, and according to him, so did Bootsy. So I was right, but need to add Bootsy to bass along with Skeet on that tune.

Second edition is already in process mode here at my studio. As of now there willbe 34 personnel additions, 17 added standalone songs, and so far 19 added albums. Granted, among the singles and albums, more than 15 out of the 36 of them came out since the publication date (showing just how much output the P produces.

More to come!


You’re doing amazing work Danny!


I would never expect a book of this magnitude to be absolutely correct. That would be impossible. The mere fact that someone took this insurmountable task to task and did it is a labor of love of the highest order.
I have an interesting vinyl copy of Hardcore Jollies. It has Soulmate listed as the last song on side one and Hardcore Jollies listed as the lead track on side two. Go figure.


I feel the same way as both of you. :tada: :heart:

Seems like you have that misprinted release. Cool.


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Mine is correct on the back cover. It’s on the printed label on the actual record where the misprint is.
I’ve also got an Ahh The Name Is Bootsy vinyl that has side II tracks printed on both sides of the album.

A sidenote, If you listen to Give Up The Funk closely at about the 3:43 mark, there is a lone voice singing the chorus a little bit behind the rest of the voices. I always thought it was an OP but who? Fuzzy? As per the book, the only one singing on the track is Ray. Maybe it’s Glenn doing a little more of the heavy lifting he’s doing on some of the other MC/Clones tracks.


OK, I did want to ask if Getting Dogged from the UK version of Dope Dogs will be broken down as well.
Just to let you know, the picture labeled “Parliament-Funkadelic in Detroit” was actually taken in front of the Houses of Parliament in the UK. Congrats regardless.


Thank you for that correction! And yes, need to add Gettin Dogged for the next edition! Good looking out!!!


Dennis Coffey was the guitarist on The Parliaments ‘I want to Testify’

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I dont believe he is. Im pretty sure that is Eddie Willis and Robert White. Keep in mind it was recorded in 1966. George confirmed this. And there are two guitars. It is Willis and White

According to Dennis Coffey it is him. Bob Babbitt confirmed this as well.

Do you know of interviews where Coffey or Babbit talk about this? Would be interesting to read.

This got me thinking about that Mickey Atkins video. 6:53 in he says that he played on Testify when they re-recorded it. I always wondered what recording he’s talking about. Suppose it never got released, because he’s obviously not talking about the 1974 version. Maybe Coffey played on that Mickey Atkins session… :person_shrugging:t4:

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Thats interesting bc I dug a little deeper, and all the biographical infirmation on Coffey I have seen has him starting to play with Babbit and company by 1968. Thats two years after I wanna Testify was recorded. So that seems like a good indicator that it might not have been him. I will dig a little deeper to get more info but that is what I’m seeing thus far

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Might be…

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