Misprinted releases

Interesting. Never knew there was a misprinted release.
I just checked my copy. The song listing on the album cover matches what’s on the vinyl.


Misprints were kinda rare but they happen. I have albums where one side has a blank label. I kept them in case they might be worth something

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Here’s another misprinted release.

There’s an European release of You Shouldn’t-Nuf Bit Fish that got “George Klinton” printed on the spine. I see it all the time. I actually think that the misprinted version is more common here in Europe than the correct one. :slightly_smiling_face:



Some early copies of Standing On The Verge were pressed with a stamper for the unreleased United Soul album, so you’d have side 1 of Verge and side 2 of US. A mispress rather than a misprint, but I’d say they’re in the same realm. Shows how close the US album was to the finish line before cancellation.


Yeah I heard about that one! It’s crazy to think about, that for some 35 years (until it got released in 2009) half of this unreleased album was actually out there on some obscure mispressed Standing On The Verge release. And only a handfull of people knew about it…

So if y’all find an original pressing of Standing On The Verge, check the vinyl how many tracks there are on side B. If there are only two tracks, grab it!

The people that got a copy of it back in the day must have wondered why the track listing didn’t seem to match. :grin:


I just picked up a vinyl Fuzzy Haskins Radio Active and the last two tracks are credited “by Clarence Haskins & Cordell Mossom”. Funny thing is while typing this out the software has put the red squiggly line under Mossom. It’s done it again