Why are there barely any pics of the band between 72 and the beginning of the Earth Tour?

Or am I just not looking hard enough?

Yeah, it doesn’t seem to be a lot of pics from around that time.

There’s also not a lot of live shows out there from around 72-74 (what I can remember), besides maybe the Sugar Shack ones. Well thinking about it, there’s not a lot of shows before 72 either…

That period and 1980 is like the holy grail of the P to me. Not much appears to be documented. I’ve only seen a couple of clips from the Gloryhallastoopid Tour. 1 photo. I want to know about when Bootsy and Catfish were the actual Funkadelic road band. There is very little from that time, sans a little audio/video and a couple of pics I know of. Somebody has to have something and is sitting on it. Rumor was Harold Beane was sitting on some stuff at Memphis. I have relatives there and wish I could contact him.

What are you looking for bro. I have most of my dads old pics


I’m sure everyone here would love to see any pics/footage you have Harold!


Yes, would love that. Welcome to the forum @Harold_Beanejr!

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Man, I am looking for anything you have from the period he was with The Funks. In particular any audio or video from that era, pics, etc. I just want to see them.

Thank you bro

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I might have a few pics I can share ummm Bootsy is doing a documentary so the stuff I sent him I have to hold. But I have a few old pics backstage, I have the schematics of when they designed the mothership, all the film I have from the 70’s is on 8mm and haven’t converted it yet. But bare with me, I just bought a dispensary and I am gonna post off and on. Don’t wanna hit you with too much funk at one time lol
Fly on!