P-Funk live at the Sugar Shack 1974

@SpaceFunk got me thinking about the Sugar Shack shows, so I put on the one from 1974. What at great show! Here’s the link to the one from 1974. Suger Shack, Boston, MA.

The track list:

  • The Goose
  • Cosmic Slop
  • Maggot Brain
  • Red Hot Momma
  • Loose Booty
  • Up For The Downstroke
  • Standing On The Verge Of Getting It On

Note that this show hasen’t been released offically :wink: . And thanks pfunkarchive!

The link doesn’t work in the US. Can anyone help me with another link? Didn’t know this existed, but I need to get it in my earhole. Much love, from Nashville to DogStar.


Damn, didn’t know that the link wasn’t working in the US.

I know that Mixcloud where down for about 6 hours, but it seems to back now. Could you try the link again, just to verify that it wasn’t the servers fault.

Edit: Mixcloud seems to still have problems with their servers…

#2 and #8 are available. The others have been blocked in US due to licensing restrictions. I feel blessed to have access to those two, as I’m sure I’ve never heard them before. #8 sounds amazing, real HQ Funk. I will be burning those two to tracks on CD, in the near future (I like CDs and vinyl… what’s to say). I am sooo appreciative of your efforts to preserve what we know is precious. If you know of anyway to open those other eight, my earholes are wide open.

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I think I have this on cd from ‘the traders den’ quite a few years back really great quality compared to the earlier sugar shack tracks… if I remember the track listing doesn’t tell the whole story as they visit other tunes like ‘let’s take it to the stage’ and even ‘Lunchmeataphobia’!?!

@silentboatman would you be able to put the SS show on SoundCloud or DB? The link on mixcloud will not play in the US. Thanks!

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Sorry, two shows on SoundCloud was apparently enough to reach the upload time quota. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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