Who’s singing lead on Common Law Wife by Flo?

So I always wondered who did the lead vocals on that Flo track. You know that song Common Law Wife from the family series. Anybody knows?

I was hoping Danny’s book would share some light, but it only said that the lead vocals was done by “Flo”. However, the book did say that she sang in the Ikettes! So now I’m thinking that it maybe could be Carlena Williams (aka Carlena Weaver) that was part of the Ikettes for a while. Besides Carlena, she was also sometimes known as Flora Williams. Flora/Flo, pretty similar… :slightly_smiling_face:

@DannyBedrosian, do you know if that’s the right person?


I would love to know who’s singing. I listened to George’s interview on the family series a while back, hoping there’d be something but it’s conspicuous by its absence; the one song that doesn’t get even a mention.