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I was thinking the same thing as you. There is some p-funk involvement on this album, but it would be nice to know exactly who and exactly on which tracks. those older albums don’t always have the most detailed information, they often just give credit at the end and then you’re left wondering exactly what they contributed.

Do u know what one of the most critically overlooked and criminally underrated albums with P-Funk involvement is?
Jeannie Reynolds’ “Cherries, Bananas & Other Fine Things”.
Sometimes I forget what’s on it then one will come up in my shuffle mix and I go damn this chyt is heavy.


And is one of the more, er, entertaining songs about fruit you’ll ever hear. Absolute filth! I loves it. :joy:

Tidal (for once) has come up trumps and has Cherries AND One Wish. Happy happy joy joy. :metal:

Live and Kicking - George Clinton and the P-Funk All-Stars.

Shakey Ground by The Temptations features Eddie Hazel and Billy Nelson

How about the George Clinton Chocolate City: London P-Funk Live at Metropolis? It was a Record Store day release. Contains parts of the show on vinyl, all of it on 2 CDs, and a DVD of the performance?

Not sure if that falls into what you’re collecting but I didn’t see it on the list.


I downloaded it but it’s too huge and extravagant an item for me. If it came out in a “just CD” format, I’d be all over that.

This thread is so out of date! I believe I have 217 P-funk CDs now.

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Got the Mr Fiddler album on cd the other day from Amazon. It’s boss. It swiiings. It has Eddie on it. :metal:

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I’m into this…into this my peoples…

Great album. I followed a link off Frankie Kash and found Funky People of Mothership Connection - Transfonkcation.

Didn’t see it mentioned anywhere but it’s boss. :metal:


I’m the same as you similar age, and have been buying P funk CDs and vinyl for the last 23 years.
The 1986 mtume album theatre of the mind has Bootsy all over it, and most of Malcolm McLaren’s Bootzilla Orchestra album was produced by Bootsy.
Another CD your are missing is P funk all stars if it’s not on P Vine, it’s not P Funk. That was a mail away in Japan featuring 3 unreleased Ron ford and Donnie Sterling tracks.


Yeah, I think we all know that one exists, we just also know we’ll never get it!

I got If it ain’t on P vine, it ain’t P funk about 2 years ago. It did take me a good 3 years of looking for on Ebay.


There are a some new singles (2021/2022) from Tony Camm (and the Funk All Stars). I would recommend that.

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How fares the collection these days?

It sparked my own off the back of your list - smaller in scope, it’s now nonetheless out of control…

I note Kendra Foster is not in there but you probably have by now I assume. I’d love that album but it appears quite hard to come by - and by hard, I mean to say it’s not Amazon.

It’s on Tidal, but.

It’s been a few years so I should update. Of course back then I had all the “core” stuff and it was a matter of branching out from there. I would say I’ve done that. I came around to Bernie’s stuff in a big way (even getting all the stuff he was a major part of), then there was Zapp, who is maybe technically not p-funk in that it contains none of the core P-funk members but on the other hand, it seems to have worked its way into p-funk canon nonetheless. And for the clinton/parliament/funkadelic stuff, filled in a lot of singles (at least the ones with unique tracks on them) and live stuff (at the time it was so overwhelming i thought I’d stay away). I got into Junie, all the p-funk ladies, some Fred Wesley, dabbled in the JB’s, and a little random stuff here and there:

O.G. Funk Out of the Dark
Parlet Pleasure Principle
Parlet Play Me or Trade Me
Horny Horns The Final Blow
Quazar Quazar
Collins, Bootsy Fresh ‘P’ Remix Collection
Clinton, George & The P-Funk All Stars Music From the Motion Picture PCU
Mutiny Mutiny On the Mamaship / Funk Plus the One
Jimmy G. & The Tackheads The Federation Of Tackheads
Clinton, George & The P-Funk All Stars Dope Dog!
Clinton, George & The P-Funk All Stars Dope Dogs (US)
Parliament The 12" Collection and More
Brides of Funkenstein Live at the Howard Theater
Clinton, George & The P-Funk All Stars Hydraulic Funk
Parlet Invasion Of the Booty Snatchers
Collins, Bootsy Live in Concert 1998
Brides of Funkenstein Never Buy Texas From a Cowboy
Clinton, George & The P-Funk All Stars Live At Montreux
Clinton, George & The P-Funk All Stars Go Fer Yer Funk
Clinton, George Extended Pleasure
Parliament-Funkadelic Detroit 1977
Collins, Bootsy Live in Baltimore 1978
Worrell, Bernie All the Woo In the World
Parliament-Funkadelic Live, Capitol Theatre 1978
Clinton, George & The P-Funk All Stars Police Doggy
Clinton, George & The P-Funk All Stars Instant Live: Music Midtown Festival, Atlanta GA 5/1/04
Clinton, George & The P-Funk All Stars P-Funk Unreleased Remix
Funkadelic Music For Your Mother: Funkadelic 45s
Morrison, Junie The Complete Westbound Recordings 1973-1976
Morrison, Junie Bread Alone / 5
Clinton, George & The P-Funk All Stars Tamurinillis
Clinton, George & The P-Funk All Stars Bubble Gum Gangster
Clinton, George Walk the Dinosaur
Clinton, George Paint the White House Black
Clinton, George & The P-Funk All Stars Follow the Leader
Clinton, George & The P-Funk All Stars If Anybody Gets Funked Up (It’s Gonna Be You)
Collins, Bootsy Do the Freak
Collins, Bootsy Party Lick-a-Bles
Clinton, George Get Yo Ass In the Water and Swim Like Me
Original P What Dat Shakin’
Collins, Bootsy Play With Bootsy (single)
Franklin, Mallia Funken Tersepter
Original P Introducing Hyped Up Westbound Soljas
Parliament The Best Nonstop Mix Compilation
Zapp & Roger All the Greatest Hits
Funkadelic Reworked By Detroiters
Mutiny A Night Out With the Boys
P-Funk Guitar Army Tribute To Jimi Hendrix: Return Of the Gypsy
Morrison, Junie Evacuate Your Seats
Mutiny Aftershock 2005
Mutiny Funk Road
Worrell, Bernie B.W. Jam (Rock the House)
Cacophonic FM After the Smoke Cleared
Trey Lewd Drop the Line
Day, Otis & The Knights Shout!
Enema Squad Intergalaxative
P-Funk Guitar Army Tribute To Jimi Hendrix Volume 1
Space Cadets Da Bomb
Collins, Bootsy Party On Plastic
Parliament Parliament’s Greatest Hits
Zapp Zapp VII: Roger and Friends
Zapp Zapp I / Zapp II / Zapp III
Various Artists Our Gang Funky
Roger The Many Facets Of Roger / The Saga Continues / Unlimited
Zapp The New Zapp IV U / Vibe
Roger Bridging the Gap
Worrell, Bernie Retrospectives
Octavepussy Straight From #1 Bimini Road
Worrell, Bernie True Dat
Roger & The Human Body Introducing Roger
Worrell, Bernie Free Agent: A Spaced Odyssey
Worrell, Bernie Prequel
Worrell, Bernie Bernie Worrell and The Woo Warriors Live
SociaLybrium For You For Us For All
Johns, Daniel Talk
Roger & The Human Body Cosmic Round Up
Worrell, Bernie Pieces Of Woo: The Other Side
Colonel Claypool’s Bucket Of Bernie Brains The Big Eyeball In the Sky
Worrell, Bernie & Vinyl Fogshack Music Vol. 1
Worrell, Bernie Elevation: The Upper Air
Worrell, Bernie & Wes Santo WesNWorrell: We Told Ya
Mr. Fiddler With Respect
Worrell, Bernie BWO Is Landing
Ground Zero & Bootsy Collins Future Of the Funk EP
Baby Elephant Turn Up My Teeth!
Worrell, Bernie & Jesse Rae Worae
Worrell, Bernie Improvisczario
Foxxe, Andre Psychedelic Ghetto Pimpz
Detroit Rising & P-Funk All Stars A Cosmic Jazz Funk Adventure
Roger & The Human Body Make You Shake It
Hardware Third Eye Open
Roger Everybody Get Up and Remix EP
Ross, Tawl Giant Shirley
Godmoma Here
J.B.‘s Anthology: Funkin’ Good Time
Collins, Bootsy The Power Of the One
Mico Wave Cookin’ From the Inside Out!!!
Worrell, Bernie Live @ Lynagh’s
Worrell, Bernie Live At Frontier Ranch
Silva, Dawn All My Funky Friends
Foxxe, Andre I’m Funk and I’m Proud
Hampton, Michael Heavy Metal Funkason
Foxxe, Andre Myllennium
Kiddo Kiddo
Kiddo Action
Wesley, Fred The Godfather of Soul Train
Method Of Defiance Incunabula
Method Of Defiance Jahbulon
Method Of Defiance Nahariama
Slapbak Fast Food Funkateers
Method Of Defiance Nihon
Activities Of Dust A New Mind
Wesley, Fred Funk For Your Ass
Enemy Squad United State Of… Mind
420 Funk Mob Tripfest (Live On the Off Days)
Parliament-Funkadelic Denver 1976

The bottom two are the only two I have picked up in the past 13 calendar months. There’s very little else I can get. I have still bought some things that came out digital-only but there are only two p-funk CDs I’m actively seeking: Alive in Spain and When the City.

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Holy shit :joy:

I thought I had ‘most’ of what I wanted now bar a few hard to find items: space Cadets, Bernie’s first album, Rest in P. A few others…

But then I wouldn’t have thought I’d be buying Incorporated Thang band a short while ago and it hit my mat this morning, so.

I’m definitely up for some Zap purchases. Close enough for me to the P and I was mad for Zap anyway. I had the 45 of Wanna Be Your Man when I was a kid.

I have all the JBs I’m after - well I will once James Brown’s Funky Divas arrives. Definitely a spot for Roger in the next wave of stuffs. And some Headhunters - the Blackbird stuff.

Godmoma Here would be nice…

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Nice! I still need to get Police Doggy. But that Daniel Johns album doesn’t have any pfunk connection, right? Or am I missing something?

Actually, on one track on Daniel John’s album, P-Nut Johnson’s niece contributes handclaps.

…Yes, you’re right, that was in the list by accident.

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haha there’s always more isn’t there.
I’ve got a load of pfunk on vinyl including offshoot stuff like Mutiny, Zapp, Junie etc but there is still a load in your list I haven’t got.


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