Baby Elephant - Turn My Teeth Up!

Baby Elephant- Turn up my Teeth

I stumbled upon this on the Pfunk Portal - it’s the first entry :smiley:

Prince Paul. Bernie. Dr Funkenstein. Nona Hendrix. Shock G as Humpty. David Byrne. Daryl Dixon. Did I mention Bernie? So much Bernie…

If you like Handsome Boy Modelling School et al and you like your beats whacky, this is the whackiest - and you will love this.

Bernie fans will adore it. Some nice skits with the man himself. In fact the album is one big Bernie lovefest. :metal:


I know I listened to Baby Elephant around the time when it came out, but not so much after that. Don’t know why. That Fred Berry track is great and I like Handsome Boy Modelling School, so will definitely revisit Baby Elephant. But Dan The Automator is not part of this project, right?

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No, Prince Paul and Don Newkirk (of 3ft high and rising fame) on Production.

Paul and Dan fell out after the second album - White People. Dan made Lovage as Daniel Merryweather but Paul was not involved. And that was the end of Handsome a boy Modelling school.

If you got 60 dollars in your pocket buy The Handsome Boy Modelling School - you won’t be sorry for long!!!

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Oh yeah, I got Turn Up my Teeth a long time ago… in early-mid 2020 I branched out to all the Bernie stuff I had not previously given enough attention to. I really like this album. Maybe my favourite that doesn’t have the Bernie name on it.


It’s vying with Skin I’m in as my fav non P Bernie- I’m absolutely canning it. Was a Prince Paul fan from the Stetsasonic days.

That or Stop Making Sense - was a massive fan of that album before I’d ever heard of Bernie or Pfunk

Been listening to Baby Elephant a lot lately. Great stuff.

I also found out that they made an instrumental version of that album, The Mental-Instroz. I actually think that I like it even more!

But it’s not really made for us vinyl fanatics. The album was only released on CD and the instrumental only got a digital release… But I found the next best thing, a 12" release with three album tracks and three instrumental tracks. So I did get that one! :wink:

Check this track.

On a side note, I saw that So… How’s Your Girl? is getting a RSD release!


thanks for alerting me to the existence of these instrumentals!