What is this "Dope Dog" album?

Anyone have this? It looks like it might be a bunch or remixes and/or outtakes from the Dope Dogs sessions.

The first appearance of any of the Dope Dog stuff. The Dr brought it out about ‘93. Came on Donnie Simpson Video Soul on BET network promoing it. Next thing you know it was on the merch table. You are correct. It’s various mixes on the single song. Some are pretty interesting too. Year or so later came the Japanese version of the album, er CD.

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So I received the CD today, and I think I need the assistance of a more experienced p-funker. Based on this page: http://mother.pfunkarchive.com/motherpage/albums_gcpfas/alb-dopedog.html , it appears that this is mostly remixes of “Dope Dog”, but where is the original track? It’s not on any of the three versions of Dope Dogs.

I would say that there’s no ”original” version since the remix album came first. :slight_smile:

If I got it right, Hyper P Dope Mix ended up on the European release and Jazz Stash Mix on the Japanese release. But renamed to US Customs Coast Guard Dope Dog.

You are right about the Hyper P Dope Mix for sure.

As for the Jazz Stash mix, you’re only right if it ended up being edited for the Japanese release. But I have no idea since I have never heard that version.

Kibbles and Bits on Dope Dog appears to be exactly what is on the Japanese version: http://mother.pfunkarchive.com/motherpage/albums_gcpfas/alb-dopedogsjv.html

Fast Dope is the basis for Pack of Wild Dogs, but it’s short.

So in conclusion, it appears that only the hyper mix and kibbles and bits would be redundant to someone who has all three Dope Dogs releases. If you’re me and you have just the UK and US, then there’s only one redundant track. It was painful to buy it, but I couldn’t stand the thought of waiting 2-3 more years for another one to show up, at god-knows-what-price.

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My version of the Dope Dog CD has the Slow P Dope mix. I mean the album. It’s also edited to 4:54

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Jazz Stash Mix isn’t on any of the Dope Dogs albums. European has the Hyper P Dope Mix. The other 3 all have the Slow P Dope Mix, shorn of about 30 seconds and renamed US Custom Coast Guard Dope Dog.

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