Tracklist of the original planned Electric Spanking

YES! Anyone know what the original tracklisting would have been for this? I’ve heard tell that two more parts of “Funk Gets Stronger” were supposed to be part of it, along with “I Angle” and “May Day” (all of which would seem to ‘fit’) - and “Atomic Dog” (which kinda doesn’t)? Anyway, as a single disc Electric Spanking is one of my favourite Funkadelic albums (and my introduction to the P empire back in 1981), so i can only imagine how funky a double would have been …

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I think I remember reading somewhere that She Loves You was the full song, not just a snippet?

I don’t buy the story that Atomic Dog was supposed to be on Electric Spanking - it sounds nothing like any of those sessions and knowing George, he would’ve put it on the album ASAP knowing that they had another smash on their hands and not kept it “in the can“. I definitely would love to hear the original double album as envisioned though!


Yeah, I mean he’s said several times that the reason the beat on Atomic Dog is backwards is cuz he’s was funked up on drugz and showed up at the studio to throw some vocals down (on an unfinished track) cuz he felt like THEY were doing more work on HIS solo album than HE was. So it was definitely recorded for his solo album


I think David Spradley confirmed that Atomic Dog was composed and recorded in 1982, after Electric Spanking had already been released.

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Is this part 3 of Funk Gets Stronger?!?


A P treasure - well found that funkateer, respect due. I’m going to add it to the alternate reality double disc release of Electric Spanking that i’m burnin’ even as i type :slight_smile:

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Wow! Do we have any idea where this came from?!

No idea but this user on Soundcloud has some real gems; there’s the original demo version of “New Spaceship” that sounds directly out of the Mothership Connection sessions and a few awesome Knee Deep demos where you can really hear all the parts that Junie was layin’ down!

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I’ve always heard and entertained the idea there was more to She Loves You after they faded that reprise-like snippet on the album. This sounds like it could be related to that. I want to say I’ve heard pieces of this somewhere years ago. Can’t call it. I ran it by someone who specializes in these types of pieces of rare P-dom.
He said he has no idea what the funk it is. So it must be pretty special if it stumped him!


wow, some real goodies on that soundcloud account… thanks for sharing.

A user on fb just posted images of the acetate for the original Electric Spanking double album! Here’s the tracklist. @darkerthanblue you nailed it in your first post about more FGS, I Angle and May Day (SOS).

Side A
Electric Spanking of War Babies - 6:06
Electric Spanking of War Babies (Instrumental) - 5:08
Electric Cuties - 7:08

Side B
S.O.S - 5:50
Shockwave - 5:06
OH I - 7:25
Brettino’s Bounce - 3:39

Side C
Funk Gets Stronger (George’s vers.) - 15:16
Icka Prick - 5:13

Side D
Funk Gets Stronger (Sly’s vers.) - 13:27
I Angle - 8:29

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I wonder how legit this is. I’d be interested in hearing it all of course but most intrigued by what a 7 plus minute version of Oh, I would be. A friend of mine had a longer version of Icka Prick somewhere he let me hear it once it keeps rolling on for a few minutes after the album fade out.

It got me thinking about the Parliament version of Oh I from the 12" Collection and More album. It’s 7:11. But that one was intended for Trombipulation, according to the liner notes.

I’ve heard this story from 2 angles, from one of the guys in the studio, and this from George:

Yeah that’s a great clip. Welcome to the forum @JordanianEmbassy!

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I’m pretty sure he talks about it in his book too (it’s been a hot minute since I read that). But I’m pretty sure in George’s book he says he came into the studio strung out, feeling like they’re working too much on his album without him.

(Not that what George says is the be-all-end-all but ya know…)

Man do I ever love Funk gets stronger! Id love to hear this! Sorry its been a while aince I have been around.

What’s up everyone. That’s my soundcloud page. Found this forum while looking up p funk related material. If anyone is interested I have tons of p funk demos. Just recently came in possession of a quad mix copy of funkadelics cosmic slop. This mix is absolutely horrible though. I’l update my soundcloud with some more in the coming days.


Would love to hear those demos! Will check your soundcloud for updates :wink: . If you want to, you can also post here on the forum when you’ve uploaded stuff (if anybody missed it).

The quad mix, do you need four speakers in order to hear any difference?

Btw, welcome to the forum!