This Boot Is Made Fonk-N

Recently i ordered this classic and it came sooner than i expected! Bought it from ebay for 39.99. Came with the comic and everything!


Nice! The almost finished coloring comic. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I really love that album. I know it’s a lot of folks’ least favorite of the 4 Rubber Band albums, but I have serious love for it.

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I love all those rubber band albums - and pretty much most things he/they have done since.

I suspect TBIMFFn suffered at the time - as did the wider P - at the hands of the endless desire for the ‘new’; critics are usually too ready to jump on a fresh bandwagon than do justice to an (yet another) example of a band at the height of its powers.

I don’t know when Bootsy fell off, if he ever has but it wasn’t on that album. Under the influence of a groove may be my all time favourite joint.

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I recall the very day I went to the record store and bought the 45" Jam Fan. My parents bought me the album for my 14th birthday a few weeks later. Look, when I first heard the 9-minute version it flat out floored me.
Bun Patrol is my fave off it. I thought is was his most GC flavored record. I wore the grooves out on it into the fall of that year, but I got very little support. I couldn’t turn anyone on to it. They weren’t feeling it like Player of the Year.
I did feel like there was no filler on any of his WB albums to that point. Every track was quality. Now, here is where I feel some cracks started to show.
Oh Boy Girl did not do much for me. Did y’all ever peep the whole version of Bootsy Get Live?

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