Bootsy Get Live - long version

Is there an (even) longer cut than the album version, L?

this version seems to be about a minute and a half longer than the album version

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If you recall the printed album lyric sheet for Bootsy Get Live does not line up with the version therein. You do know there is a version that sort of combines the two sides of the single but then has some more in the mix. Unlike the mix on the album, this one goes with the printed lyrics on the album sleeve. Rambles on for 8 to 9 minutes or so me thinks.

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any idea where One can hear such a thing?

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I got it over here somewhere. Will put on an mp3 and send y’all a link later this week. It is a fascinating listen because it is different than both the album and single versions. Rolls on for 8 min 37 sec.


Here ya go. Sorry I had posted the album version earlier. Here is the full mix. Enjoy this extended Fonk-N!


This made my week! Thank you so much for sharing that funk with us. :metal:t3::metal:t3:

Yessssssssssss. I have no idea the origin of it. A master funkster put it on a cassette and sent it to me some 20 years ago. I don’t know if someone remixed this or if it came from the record company. The recording sounds like it has some popping and crackling in it as if it were committed to wax. Always ready to spread some funk about.


They played the whole song on the radio one time before the album came out. I didn’t record it because I was going to buy the album anyway. Only to discover the album version was edited. I think it was edited at the last minute because there’s only so many minutes you can put on a vinyl side. They probably already printed out all the album sleeves with the lyrics

This is it. The version I heard on the radio. Do you have a stereo version of this?

Oh wow the plot thickens. I have no idea. May have been some kind of promotional copy WB sent out you think?

Bootsy did a promo tour for the album and he must have brought it with him to the radio station. That was a weird period because he was getting through a terrible nervous breakdown. He might have been complacent about the whole project

Yes I recall that time. He was getting some kids out to his “Boot-Camp” or something of the sorts. Saw it in a Right On! magazine during that era. Strange times indeed. Bootsy went completely off the grid after the Player of the Year Tour. Nothing. Then I saw the magazine and said ok, here he comes.
Not much is said of the Tour for this album either. I know he had some dates. A Funk Fest here or there too.

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