The Truth in Rhythm show by Scott Goldfine

Have you seen the Truth in Rhythm show/podcast by Scott Goldfine? There’s a crazy amount of stuff on there. He’s interviewed a lot of people. You need to check it out if you haven’t! They’re both on youtube and spotify (with audio only). Here’s some of them.

Andre Foxxe -

Clip -

Garrett Shider -

Other people that’s been on there are: Gabe Gonzalez, Greg Thomas, Dennis Chambers, Skeet, Steve Boyd, Sheila Brody/Amuka, Archie Ivy, Rick Gardner, Sidney Barnes, Lige Curry, Bill Laswell, Kash, Fred Wesley, Greg Boyer, Danny Bedrosian and on and on… As I said, a lot of people :slight_smile: . Here’s the full list.

He also got other stuff on his site, like video clips of p-funk shows (stretching back to 89 I think) and scans of magazines. And then there’s videos from a TV show he did around 89/90. One episode is real funny. They’re talking about By Way Of The Drum and Scott is saying “Their long awaited album after 9 years suppose to finally come out”, his co-host (that’s not into p-funk that much) is like “I believe it when I see it” and Scott is like “Well you gonna see it!”. Well they did see it, some 17 years later. :smile:


Yes he has a great guest list. Garrett has been doing a podcast with some good interviews too. Had The Doctor himself on this past Friday. And GC talked about stuff he hardly ever talks about, like the peak commercial era '77-79.

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Just saw that there will be an interview with Judie Worrell in October. Damn Scott, great work! Can’t wait to hear it.