The Cinderella Theory (Pedro Bell album cover version)

I was going to post on this later, but since @silentboatman made the same observation I did, I decided to take the hint and create this topic.


In a Pedro Bell interview in the 11th issue of Roctober, Pedro made it seem like he finished a piece for the album cover of George Clinton’s The Cinderella Theory album.

PB: […] Well there was a concept, which I am going to reuse, for “The Cinderella Theory.” It was actually going to be a combination robotic-photographic combination. And George had done his part as far as the photography, and I’d done my part, and then somewhere in Paisley Park, the Purple One said no.

Unfortunately, unlike Pedro’s version of the By Way Of The Drum album cover being in the margins, there is no such luck with this one. (See By Way Of The Drum (Pedro Bell album cover version) on this forum to see a reupload of the interview.)

While this album cover might be in the hands of a select few, does anyone know where the concept could have been reused?


Thanks for the info. I’m a huge Prince fan and never knew this. Paisley Park Records had a relatively defined visual identity by 1989, and I can easily imagine why Pedro Bell art didn’t fit in.

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