The Awesome Power Of A Fully-Operational Mothership

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Tapoafoam is a good album , some strong cuts
. But Sloppy Seconds is in my opinion. The master cut , it has a beautiful melody , especially right around the bass solo and guitar solo
.I was suprised by the song.

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:point_up:t3:Yeah! Also a really great mix on the bass!!!

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TAPOAFOM has some great cuts. My favorite probably has to be Funky Kind. If I recall correctly, George talked about it in his book, that that track was actually supposed to be in the Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind movie but something didn’t work out, I don’t quite remember. But either way, they missed out by not having that track on their soundtrack!!! That song funkin’ rules!

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It is a strong addition I must say , I admit to being old iron butt with recent stuff and was ready to dismiss with a derisive snort , of course it flew out and kicked me right in the onions and

I’ve been meaning to start a thread about “recent stuff”. I know how it has been received by the public and casual fans, but the true funkateers who converge in places like this should get a chance to weigh in.

I’m a fossil , I confess I only have ears for the OG Pfunk . I’m not above. Checking out recommendations.

Start that thread up! But you’ll need to define when “recent” begins… I tend to think of CINDERELLA THEORY as “recent” because it’s so far removed from the classic sound… and it’s 30 years old now!!!

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Yeah we should start a discussion on what’s recent p :smile:

Love this album. When it came out it felt to me that TAPOAFOM was like a new Parliament album (more slick/clean) and that Dope Dogs was like a new Funkadelic album (more raw).

I first got the CD (didn’t know there also was a vinyl version) and I remember thinking that the artwork (especially this stuff below) looked like it was made for an LP. One image per side, just like on Gloryhallastoopid. To bad they didn’t make the LP that way.


That would have been great! :grin:

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I recently revisited this. Spun the red vinyl. George and Tracey and few of the folks on the inside artwork signed it for me damn near 25 years ago. This project to me had a really strong commercial appeal to it. I believe there must have been some promotional shenanigans with it. Critics either loved it or hated it.
When I heard Summer Swim I said well this is gonna be a smash. Single did not even chart. WHAT?!?!?!?
If you listen closely to Get Your Funk On you will hear a groove that is Music For My Mother.


Amazing, I thought the exact same thing.
Oh and Uncle Charlie absolutely rips New Spaceship!

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Mathematics- is that Amp on helium vocal? My favourite cut.

Tidal has ‘Sloopy Seconds’ :joy:

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What you wanted in the first place?

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15 character minimum for a reply seems a bit stiff. I’m a laugher not a talker, sure.

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