If Anybody Gets Funked Up - long version

Check this out–

This single has “Erick Sermon Remix” and “Erick Sermon Remix Instrumental”. He raps on the album version, but here he is actually credited with remix. This remix is almost a minute longer than the album version, suggesting it is something different. It’s 5:14, I can’t find any other mix at that length. The “Erick Sermon Remix Instrumental” is 5:08, though, same length as the album instrumental available on other releases, so maybe they are the same?

Also, this single has an LP Version at 7:36. (Actual LP version is 4:24). Found it on YouTube, this mix is new to me:

Does anyone have this single and can clarify what’s going on? My guess is this was released well in advance of the actual album, which then went through some additional changes before it came out.

In addition, this release has a 5:52 album acapella which has turned up on other singles. I’ve encountered the 7:06 Colin Wolfe Mix acapella, but not the album acapella. Anyone?

Yeah, I’ve never heard this either. Nice find! I have no other info, though I suspect your theory is correct.

I picked this up. Erick Sermon Remix is a longer version of the first track of TAPOAFOM. LP Version is not either of the versions on the album. To the best of my knowledge, neither of these tracks appear on any of the other singles. Acappella and Erick Sermon Remix Instrumental are, I believe, the album acappella and album/LP instrumental that can be found on other singles.

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Think I need to get this one! :slight_smile:

Does it have any additional stuff from Sermon/Breed on it? Or is it maybe more like the same mix, aside from that it doesn’t get faded out at around 4:22?

No additional Sermon/Breed. It’s absolutely identical to what’s on TAPOAFOM up to the album track’s fade-out, but of course this single does not fade out-- it continues for another 50 seconds or so with Belita doing a little additional vocal vamping, and then it has an actual end (as opposed to fading out).


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