Sweat Band’s We Do It All Day Long lyrics

How about on the Sweat Band’s We Do It All Day Long where it says:
Sometimes I feel like ???

Nice one, this is one of those tracks that plays mind games. I think it’s [1:13] “Sometimes I feel like pumpin’ it up”. I assume they are just repeating the same phrase over and over. To me, it sounds more like “pum-” with a soft ‘m’ than “put-” with a hard ‘t’, and “up” instead of “off” since it stops fairly quickly instead of trailing off.

It sounds like the word ‘out’ is the last thing they say to me.

And at about the :38 mark the gurls start chanting something. Come to think of it, I could never quite make that work either lol.

At 3:36 what do they say after the girls chant ‘yabba dabba dabba dabba dabba do ahhhhhh’

Whatever it is at 5:50 they break it down and the groove gets real funky. Here I think they repeat it in a slightly different vocal arrangement.

About 6:53 what are they chanting? The groove is deep, Bootsy is killing it and some sneaky guitar is swirling about in there. I’m glad I revisited this one.

Yeah, now that I listen to it with “out” in mind, that sounds correct.


These are my current guesses for the spots you mentioned in the “Reprise” version.

[0:43] It’s [funk?], a-let’s pump.
[3:36] [I’ve heard?] the [pledge?] is funky
[5:51] I’d rather be-a funky-yeah
[6:16] It’s [funk?], let’s pump
[6:53] [It’s fall/all/funk?], a-let’s pump

Yeah, some intense funk for dancing on Sweat Band (and This Boot Is Made For Fonk-N).

I got a few as I am spinning some Player Of The Year vinyl this afternoon. What a perfect record this is. Bootsy was on fire at this point coming off of Ahh The Name.

However, you can give me parts of Roto Rooter, like the first round of chorus the front ground vocalists do.
What’s The Name Of This Town- what are they singing to the outro of the America The Beautiful rendition?