Stylin' Free featuring Amp

I just found this great track from 2009 featuring Amp. I recognize the cover, so I must have heard it before. But obviously I hadn’t really listen to it, because it’s amazing. It’s a pretty mellow groove with great singing by Amp.

And the lyrics is great too. His woman tells him that he needs to go and change, but he’s like naaaw… baby I’m outta here, I’m stylin’ free :grin:

The track is by Hundred Strong (the Bristol producer Ben Dubuisson).

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Yeah love that song. Boom it in your car and make the neighbourhood shake. Dub-y as fcuk

If you got funk you got style :grinning:

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Was great that he got that in there. :grin:

This track makes me think of that Inspiration Information album. That album came out the year earlier in 2008, so I suppose it makes sense.

Same :slight_smile:

I went straight to that album after I listened to Stylin Free. :metal:

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So I bought the 7". It’s an edit, which is a bummer, would love to have the 6 minute version. But still glad I got it. Awesome on the record player.

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Very nice. :metal:

I was/am streaming the EP. The one with Time on it.

The beat is very Dilla on the original and there’s a nice dance-ier remix of it. Two, in fact but they’re very similar.

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