Inspiration Information - Amp, Sly & Robbie

Since I’m still waiting on that purple/pink vinyl release of Motor City Booty, I continued to dig deeper in the world of Amp. So I got the Inspiration Information record from 2008. It’s a collaboration with Sly & Robbie and recorded in Kingston, Jamaica. A great blend of soul and reggae!

My favorite track so far is Blackhouse (Paint The White House Black). But I don’t know, there are lots of great tracks.

The vinyl doesn’t have the track Be Alright as the CD/digital release have. But I had to get it anyways :sunglasses:. Here’s a great promo clip about this album.

In that clip, Sticky Thompson plays a strange but really cool instrument around 7:20. Anybody knows what instrument that is?

@Ampidelic Thanks for releasing quality stuff!

A Brazilian instrument called a Cuica!!!

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Be alright is actually my favorite cut on this , bummer they left it off , I have some soundboards from Amp at a few jazz festivals that are worthy , his bassist on one cut is plugged into a vocorder and sounds sharp as hell

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